Saturday, July 28, 2007

Infidel Babes Of The Week

Ok, I have decided to follow Jesus right into the Holy Land. Yes, that's right. Israel is the place to be. Just look at these chicks; both Israeli models.

The first babe is Galit Gutman. A land flowing with milk and honey indeed.

I'll make her honey flow anytime. I'm Samson for ransom, baby. Get over here! I'll pull your walls down.

The second babe is Dorit Bar On. This chick might not be for everyone, but she hits the peculiar Pastorius palate just right. Oh, Dorit's love, and the broken open date of her lips, are sweeter than wine. I want to roll her around on my tongue. I want to put her in my press and squeeze the juice from her.

She is a garden spring,
A well of fresh water
And her streams flow from Lebanon.

1 comment:

Pastorius said...

Yeah, no kidding, but believe it or not, Galit is Israeli, according to the article I read. And, from the tone of the article, I believe that she is actually Jewish by birth.

She looks Nordic.