Saturday, July 14, 2007

Female genital mutilation: more than 7.000 girls in danger in UK

Following the plea of the London police, which is going to give a £20,000 reward for information to bring to justice any culprit or involved in this terrible crime, I have written about what means for the girls and women this brutality. You can read it here.

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Michael Travis said...

What a crock!

7,000 at risk??? The real figures are at least 50 times that estimate.

Listen folks....just follow the burqas and African dresses to Harley st. (London) and you'll find a nice, clean doctor's surgery with pleasant staff, ready to mutilate your little girl.

Same thing goes for New York, Virginia/DC/Maryland and Toronto.

Get real! You don't suppose those millions that have arrived in the West would have to give-up their cultural expressions do you??