Thursday, July 12, 2007


Durin the '04 Election Debates and campaigns all we heard from Lurch was that The War On Terror needed to be fought as a "Police Campaign", and G.W. argued that it needed full military resources dedicated to eradicate the enemy wherever it could be found.

Now the booger-eattin-mohrons have turned our military into a gotdam bunch of fuggin Riot Police in a foreign land !!

We get more "shock and awe" out of the L.A. P.D coverin a fuggin Gay Pride Parade !!


Wild Bill said...

I guess you noticed that I got all the KEY SEARCH WORDS incorporated in that comment !! Should be good for, oh, say, coupla hundred hits..

Hey, thanks for the GOLD STAR, Buddy..

Pastorius said...

You know what? I tend not to think in those terms, but I think my next few posts I will do so just as a joke.

Wild Bill said...

I could care less about the hits, but sometimes I like to post about somethin and see WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN I get a reaction to it from..

I know its shameless, but I gotta admit that Sitemeter has granted me countless hours of entertainment !!

My greatest enjoyment comes from comments tho.. Gettin em, and leavin em..

If I hang around a place a lot I try to comment there, unless its like Joe Citizen's and its almost impossible for me to leave a comment, and I just email em what I gotta say and if they want they transfer it for me..

But if somebody DOES want hits, all they gotta do is make comments on other blogs..

I just hope that one day I get famous enuff that Pamela wants to give me a big bear hug and press that sweet "war chest" of hers up against me !! Yeah, I know.. I'm incorrigible, but I enjoy it !!

Pastorius said...

Wild Bill,

I think she would enjoy hearing that from you.