Monday, July 16, 2007

When It Comes To The Islamofascists, What The Hell Could We Possibly Do That Would Please Them?

Do you realize that many Muslims are actually angry with us, because we went into Kosovo and defended them?

This is true.

One of the prime motivators of many of the Al Qaeda fighters who ended up in Chechneya, Afghanistan, and Iraq, was that we "invaded", what they thought of, as their turf.

Why? Well, as best as I can tell, they simply don't like Infidels very much (to put it mildly).

Anyway, today, the Iraqi Prime Minister, al-Maliki, unleashed abuse on the United States for being in Iraq. We are trying to ensure that there will not be a genocide. Our young men are dying to help his people, and he doesn't want us there.

And, of course, much of the Iraqi population does not want us there. I, simply, do not know what to say. I am dumbfounded. Or, am I just plain dumb?

(Thanks to Michael for sending this to me):
SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2007


Al-Maliki has said his administration needs time and effort to enact the
political reforms [EPA]
Iraq's prime minister has cast off US doubts over
his government's military and political progress, saying Iraqi forces are
capable and US troops can leave "any time they want".


Michael Travis said...

Meanwhile, Hassan al-Suneid, a member of parliament, told The Associated Press on Saturday that al-Maliki has problems with General David Petraeus, the chief US commander in Iraq.

He said US troops have embarrassed the Iraqi government and that General Petraeus was working along a "purely American vision".

He also said US authorities have embarrassed the al-Maliki government through acts such as constructing walls in Baghdad and repeated raids on Sadr City.

Al-Suneid said: "Al-Maliki finds difficulty in understanding [Petraeus] because he moves with a purely American vision, and reality needs a co-ordinated mutual vision."

Al-Maliki's adviser denounced the heavy use of arms by US troops against suspected fighters as human rights violations.

He said US forces use methods that produce results fast, including "building walls, random killings, detentions in ways that are far from human rights and this embarrasses the government in front of its people".

"We cannot imagine that a neighbourhood is bombed with an excuse that 'we are searching for a terrorist,"' he said.

Pastorius said...

Honestly, it seems that they are asking to be killed.

What the hell do they think will be our response to this kind of shit?

What are the options?

As I say all the time, we aren't going to simply hand them the keys to Western Civilization and say, Here you go. Have a great time with all we've built and all you hate."

Anonymous said...

New blog exposing Jihadists in Ohio:

Anonymous said...

"...Here you go. Have a great time with all we've built and all you hate."

Just watch, when the US leaves Iraq, those animals, the creatures who have enriched themselves by countless billions of dollars,,,,will destroy everything ala' Gaza, except for the military equipment, they'll want to use that shit against "The Jooooz" in Israel.

"And their eyes shall fall from their faces, and the skin from their bones,,"

KG said...

Sooner or later, we're going to be faced with a choice; watch our civilisation grind to a halt through lack of oil, or go in and take the oil at the point of a gun. (or nuke)
All else is "sound and fury, signifying nothing".
If we're lucky the islamofascists will precipitate it and Russia and China will stand back.
If we're not lucky, this is headed towards Armageddon.
I don't believe we'll be lucky.

Pastorius said...


"their eyes with fall from their faces ..."

Very well put.

But, this is a very sad fact.

I'm guessing you are either a Christian or a Jew (as am I), because, I believe, you are quoting the Bible there, although I am not familiar with the verse.

In either case, you know that we are supposed to be friends to the widows and orphans; "the least of these."

Muslims are people who have been orphaned, in the sense that their "god" is cruel to them; like a bad father.

I feel very bad for them.

The punishment they are bringing on themselves will be horrendous.

Pastorius said...


"Sooner or later, we're going to be faced with a choice; watch our civilisation grind to a halt through lack of oil, or go in and take the oil at the point of a gun. (or nuke)
All else is "sound and fury, signifying nothing"."

Very well put. You are the man! I think this is a very sad fact.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today, but I am feeling sorry for our enemy, because we are going to have to destroy him.

What a slaughter it will be.

Click back to the main page and look at the photo accompanying the "Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show."

I believe that their will be nukes involed, but I also believe that it will be something like Vlad the Impaler.

It's going to be very, very ugly.

Wild Bill said...

Maliki is a butt-buddy of Al Sadr, who is a butt-buddy of ol Act-Mad in Iraq.. Al Sadr aint been havin a very good time lately with the U.S. after his hide and him havin to take refuge in Iran for a while before he slinked back into Iraq..

A lot of Maliki's support comes from Al Sadr and lately that support has been dryin up cause Maliki aint put any pressure on the U.S. to lighten up on Al Sadr, and the persuit of Al Sadr's Militia has been ongoin in Baghdad too..

The lower level Officials are finally gettin some protection from the Sadr Death Squads and that leaves Maliki without the threat to coerce the action he wants..

For Maliki to gain back his support and keep the Death Squads opertin to force HIS agend, he has to either get Gen. Petreaus to back off(not likely) or get the Americans to just leave(more likely)..

Always On Watch said...

Have all the blood and treasure we've spent in Iraq been for naught?

Wild Bill said...

NEVER !! For every dirtbag that has been killed, wounded, or kept busy there, its one less that has been free to make his way to Western countries to do their dirty work there..

The blood spilled there has brought precious time.. How precious can only be realised after the withdrawl..

The methods of how to prevail are "tried and true" now.. The WILL to use em will come.. Eventually..

Pastorius said...

I agree with Wild Bill!

We are going to win!

The question is how many people we are going to be forced to kill?

That blood is on the hand's of the Lefties who want "Peace".

I really hate those motherfuckers at this point.

Oops, not very "Christian of me."

Here's a verse from the Bible:

From Psalms:

Surely, God will crush the heads of our enemies.

The Word says,

"I will tear them from the depths of the sea."

"That you may plunge your feet in the of your foes."

And, I say say, God is Truth and Light, and Love.

We will find our way out of this.