Thursday, July 26, 2007

Director of Homeland Security: We Need Two New Brigades To Deal With Nuclear Terrorism

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WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. military commander in charge of defending the U.S. homeland said Tuesday that he believes there are al-Qaida cells in the United States or people working to create them.

Air Force Gen. Victor "Gene" Renuart said that while the terrorism threat within the nation's boundaries has increased in the past year, officials have strengthened intelligence sharing, particularly in an effort to shore up weaknesses in security at U.S. ports.

"I believe there are cells in the United States, or at least people who aspire to create cells in the United States," Renuart said in an interview with The Associated Press. "To assume that there are not those cells is naive and so we have to take that threat seriously."

He added, "Am I concerned that this will happen this summer, I have to be concerned that it could happen any day."

Other U.S. officials last week said they did not know of al-Qaida cells in the United States.
Renuart, who took over the job as the head of
U.S. Northern Command just four months ago, said that to counter the growing threat, the military also needs to create two more brigade-size units to be available to respond to nuclear, chemical and biological incidents at home—because currently there is only one. A brigade is about 3,500 troops.

Renuart's comments came in the wake of a national intelligence report released last week, which concluded that al-Qaida is using its growing strength in the Middle East to plot attacks on U.S. soil.


Anonymous said...

New York Attorney Andrew Nitzberg has asked Anti-CAIR for assistance in locating witnesses. Please read the following and help out if you can.

Thank you,

Andrew Whitehead
Director, Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations (Anti-CAIR)


My name is Andrew Nitzberg and I am a trial attorney practicing largely in the state of New York. I am the lawyer responsible for the trial victory of Lee Kaplan against Mohammed Salahi earlier this year. (The action was for private speech by Salahi that cost Lee Kaplan several jobs. The 'free speech' defense fell flat because this was for private, not public, speech. The court records and decision are posted online by the California court administration.)

I am filing for an injunction against George Mason University for their upcoming conference of the 'International Solidarity movement', the US wing of Hamas.

I need assistance in the form of evidence. Of course there is lots of evidence to show that the ISM is a violent, Jew-hating group which directly assists terrorists in coming to their targets and similar activities. But i need evidence admissible in a court of law.

No one will be required to appear in court or to travel (except me -- the pro bono (unpaid) lawyer).

1. I need statements from persons who have directly observed ISM personnel stating things like, "Kill the Jews", "We support the resistance of the Palestinian people even when they engage in Terrorism" , "We work with Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza", "We work with Hizballah".

Persons attending the Michigan ISM conference in (I think) 2002 would be very helpful here.)

2. I need statements indicating that persons have observed ISM persons beating up persons who do not support the agenda of the ISM (this should be very easy- they beat people up every year at these things.)

3. I need statements that persons have personally observed ISM personnel with weapons or transporting weapons. Statements from ISM personnel that admit to such contact with weapons are excellent.

4. There are people looking for the 'perfect plaintiff' for the action. (We have general students (2) eager to sign on, but we would like the 'perfect plaintiff' -- who is a student (BA or grad)/administrator/faculty member who has a family member in Israel. (The Virginia criminal code makes this a very attractive plaintiff). Any Jewish person is eligible because we can shake the family tree and find some relative who is living in Israel.

Thank you for this help. Every terrorist is my enemy because I am a friend to freedom. I am hopeful that I will find many friends in this effort.

Andrew Nitzberg

Please respond to:

Wild Bill said...

For the last coupla years I have been callin for more Guard and Reserve Forces.. Not just ANY Guard and Reserve, but one manned by members only to be used here in the States and NO WHERE ELSE..

Many of the Troops get out of the Service simply cause they dont wanna do another trip to the M.E. .. They are already trained so that expense, the biggest, would be gone and would mostly need Equipment to get em ONLINE..

The number I have come up with is 50,000 .. Thats 1000 for each state, and remember that states have Cooperation Agreements, so they can be sent across state lines if needed..

Just remember that the DOD is plannin on shuttin down a bunch of Facilities around the U.S. and those could be used too.. And squeezin the Appropriations out of the (D)s is the biggest hold-back to it.. 50K Troops is a helluva lot better than 7K in time of a terrorist attack !!

Always On Watch said...

The U.S. military commander in charge of defending the U.S. homeland said Tuesday that he believes there are al-Qaida cells in the United States or people working to create them.


Pastorius said...

Wild Bill,
You're right! 7,000 is not nearly enough.

Pastorius said...

I double duh you.


Michael Travis said...

Mind boggling isn't it??

Those charged with protecting the "Homeland" are so confused and clueless as to present a danger to America's citizens.

It will take years to undo the damage done by the un-American incompetents who have worked so hard to destroy this nation over the last 17 years.

The only hope for our country lies with it's citizens.......and the patriots of the Blogosphere.

Pastorius said...

Here's the way I look at it:

The best thing that ever happened to Britain vis a vis their perception of the Nazis, was when the Nazis began bombing Britain.

Likewise it will be with us. Until we truly believe that our civilization is endangered, we will sit back and attempt to appease, as we have been doing

WATCHER71 said...

The best thing that ever happened to Britain vis a vis their perception of the Nazis, was when the Nazis began bombing Britain.

Pas< I have to agree with the run up to WW2 there was a lot of admiration among the population for the infrastructure development the Nazi's undertook. Of course the more astute saw through this smoke screen and saw a growing threat...when the blitz doubts as to the true nature of the Nazis disappeared.

Pastorius said...

There you go, everyone. A British guy agrees with me.

America needs such a wakeup call.