Friday, July 13, 2007

The hysteria for the suicide lemmings is astounding

I have watched this all before. 1972-1975.

This denouement, and it's inevitable outcome is as certain as that of the creation and treaty with the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan by Pakistan last year.

The democrats then also lead the excuse laden, blind to results and consequences, 'we'll all feel better', bring our boys home, Breugel filled parade.

At that time a marginal war waged by a man who thought Ho Chi Minh was a George Meany on the side of a people too few of whom cared enough about freedom or communism, or freedom to worship (most of those who cared over there were catholic) was lost strategically as a direct cost of battles won, a news anchor's personal agita and all about me-ism, and historical stupidity about the nature of war (Sherman's dictum - 'All attempts to make war easy and safe will end in disaster and humiliation'). However, we were saved by the nature of the enemy who had no care about us in ANY WAY that did not involve us being there, and the inner titanic power of the american desire to do well in all phases of life in freedom, which powers our economy and political system. But it took from 1975 to 1991 to do it, during which time Star Wars and the McDonalds strategy also, BTW, killed the USSR, rendering 1991 into a tactical CAKEWALK. As we all know, the strategic job was left unfinished.

But what is identical is the growing emotional hysteria to get out of Dodge, as if the place and thinking about it filled our homes and dreams with swarms of spiders. Weakest in this parade are the SAME PEOPLE. Only the faces have changed. And even though there is a civil war going on in ONE campaign area of this global war, it does not change that effort, only complicates it. But not for the Breugelites who will claim any ground which will hurt the domestic opposition.

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