Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At play in the field of the critical progressive jews or...

"Wasn't one of Bush's manifest mistakes for Israel in the long run his unstinting suppport for the state? Didn't that actually HURT Israel in the long run?"

Yes, it's the WTF brigades at work.

Some of you may have read my earlier tomes on my swimming upstream among the smart, thoughtful, nice and some very dead wrong critical progressive, actually ultra liberal, 'please don't torture KSM at gitmo', 'hamas will respond to pressure' jewish people we see frequently.

In this case, last sunday down in Bar Harbor, where the think tank folks from NYC and DC appear magically each summer, we had another talk given by a former AIPAC, Georgetown U prof. who is to say the least WELL informed and personally knowledgable of the PEOPLE, certainly of FATAH.

It's too bad this was a ME 101 (though his words on Lebanon verged further), because I have a feeling if he would consent to an 'advanced seminar' some interesting results among activists would obtain.

I have met this guy before and he seems ok. Last time around the crowd wanted to blame the lack of 'peace' on Sharon. So I asked about the poll just taken (then) which showed 58% of the pali's wanted the war to go on forever if the outcome meant no Israel. He acknowledged the poll, it's accuracy and said it showed nothing Sharon (or anyone) could have done would have made the slightest bit of difference.

This time the very same gavone asked his pointed question blaming the lack of progress on Bush, stating he HURT Israel by supporting them rather than forcing them to make painful (territorial ??) concessions (a la Bush I, I suppose). But this time the smarmy comments in the crowd were unrelenting, and the prof as well expressed his feeling that the negotiating EFFORT (in a general way) should have been made by Bush.

Unfortunately I was physically in a position not to be able to ask the usual pain the ass questions for the express pruposes of injecting the idea (again) that ..given that poll, given the election, given that Abbass will NEVER win against HAMAS, WHAT IS THERE TO NEGOTIATE about? Date of departure of jews for Fargo?

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