Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dag's extra-science Readership profile visio-graphic poll

Truepeers at Covenant Zone recently asked our readers to let us know a little bit about themselves so we could perhaps write a little more specifically toward meeting the needs and interests of our visitors. I have taken it upon myself to go that extra mile and come up with the science poll that you've all been waiting for.

Here in graphic detail are the stunning and surprising results of the poll:

First, our traffic chart showing all the cool details about who comes, how long they stay, what they read and think about what we do here:

Below we see a detailed report of the typical reader/commentator at Covenant zone:

This is, obviously, a graphic depiction of our readers at a Covenant Zone conventical.

This is a picture of me on my wedding day:
Here's a shot of me as a baby with my parents. I'm the cute one:
This is a graphic of our projected readership:
And that' the science of things.

1 comment:

Dag said...

I'm sometimes guilty of not actually looking to see what others have posted below me, and I fear that I'm duplicating their better efforts with my own weak work. I got lucky again this time, not seeing an even better readership poll directly below this one.

One might well imagine the nervousness I went through when I poted "Infantile Sexualism: The Auto-Metonumia of Pornography." Got lucky that time too. Just a matter of time, though, if I insist on living dangerously like this.