Saturday, July 28, 2007

Video: "Neighbourhood Bully" (The truth about Israel)

Israeli Women Feeding Hundreds of Starving Children - Malawi
Food Shortage (Photo from IsraAID- click photo for more information)

From Israel Matsav weblog: "An amazing compendium of some of the many instances in which Israel has provided aid to countries around the world. Including many whom are enemies. For those who still think there is anything to the nonsense that Israel is a 'racist' country, you will note that many (maybe even most) of the aid beneficiaries in the video are people of color...".

Read it all/watch video | digg story

Israel21c- Read more about how Israeli innovation contributes to nations worldwide.

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KG said...

I put up a post about this at Crusader Rabbit (with attribution)
It's high time we in the West put some real effort into the information war.

Krishna109 said...

kg: Glad you re-posted this. A lot of the things we bloggers post are political-- which is good. However, I think that it is also important to let the world know more about what some of the major players in the mid-east are really like-- for example, most people in the world really don't know much about what Israel is really like. (Also, check out Israel21c-- the information they have should be more widely known...)