Friday, July 27, 2007

Jimmy Carter is trying to kill me

After a heart attack, it's a risk every time I read the man's words. Responsible editors need to recognize this threat to me and eliminate his words permanently as a risk to a small, endangered minority, in a rural area.


One of the most important things for all people to remember in these difficult times is that there are more compatibilities than differences among the major religions – at least concerning treatment of one another as individuals.

Gulp, sure all the jews and christians and hindus and buddhists claim their treatment of others are the result of the revealed, perfect immutable words of God.

In some Islamic societies, women are relegated by official religious laws to subservient positions in society where they must remain veiled, cannot operate an automobile or compete with men for a job, and often receive inferior if any education. In other more secular nations of the same faith, all of these restrictions are absent.

You mean like Pakistan where the MMA now wins every election by landslides on a RELIGIOUS basis?

Within predominantly Christian societies, civil laws usually provide for equal treatment of women, while religious organizations are often the primary source of discrimination, which provides a justification for similar inequities within the secular world.

Surprise ! While I am no admirer of James Dobson (to say the least) I have to admit that it's news to me that christian wives are relegated to "similar inequities" to license-less, chador and burqqa clad ladies not allowed out without suitable male guardianship from the consciousless walking penises crowding the streets.

Why does this stupid, naive, dangerous, and foolish man vex me so ... I feel like Ahab, charging the 1st mate to go on ..'BECAuSE HE TASKS ME STARRBUCK, HE TASKS ME....'

Jimmy Carter has NO PLACE at this table.

Build HOMES, Jimmy, You are meant for that fulfillment and are supreme at it. We NEED you to help people in that way. BUILD HOMES!

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Robin said...

Jimmy Carter. Globalist. CFR member. New World Order advocate. Socialist. Need we say more?

Pastorius said...

Great post, Epa. Please don't let Jimmy Carter kill you. Everytime you get angry, just think about the fact that just taking a dump is probably a bitter, angry experience for him at this stage of life. Just picture him, sitting there, grunting, turning purple, all to no avail. Picture him standing back up, pulling those big ugly trousers back up in a gesture of futility. Picture him walking back out of the bathroom, facing his wife with a look of concern on her face that says, "Jimmah, have you failed again?"

Epaminondas said...

Good one.
I'll keep that in mind.

Maybe I'll send some metamucil to the Carter Library