Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Act with intuitiveness

Nir Barkat wrote about his heroic deed stopping a jihadist with a knife and says:
In moments like these, facing a terrorist, you act mainly by intuition and do what anyone would be expected to do -- take out the terrorist. Terrorism is a global problem and needs to be dealt with harshly -- in Paris, in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem, and anywhere else.
Exactly. Dr. Haim Shine's made a similar argument, that Israel can only rely on itself.

Barkat's given his support to Benjamin Netanyahu for this election, and with good reason. Only with a competent government will we be able to maintain safety and keep the crime rate as low as possible.

Update: Barkat's also got advice for Americans:
Barkat’s word of advice to Americans wanting to avoid terrorist attacks on U.S. soil? “The Iranians are the bad guys. They want nukes. They’re very radical and extremist people. Don’t trust them.”
Indeed no, we should not.

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