Saturday, February 21, 2015

Obama Loves America

Lenin loved mother Russia.

Ahkenaten loved Egypt.

The Gracchi loved the Republic.

So did Marius, and Sulla.

Lycurgus loved Sparta

Croesus loved Lydia

Paris, Troy

This list is as long as history.

None of them brought anything but misery and ruin.

Because what they thought of as love was only solipsism.

These people could only love their own vision of something completely different from what came before.

The Gracchi thought they saw injustice, and income inequality and triggered the end of the first great national republic amid a long slide of civil wars.

Ahkenaten saw blasphemy in a great nation and civilization and destroyed one of the greatest dynasties EVER, right to this day.

Lenin found a Czar’s autocracy and injustice and inaugurated a death machine of unparalleled barrenness.

Creosus so loved Lydia before entering battle with Persia he sought an oracle’s reassurance that a great empire would be destroyed. It was.

And if Obama can love our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our limits to power, and the warts and injustices we struggle so hard to erase within our system, then THAT is his love.

Lenin’s. The Gracchi’s. Ahknaten’s.

Destroyers whose love of the mirror was so great they could not imagine the final result.

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