Monday, February 23, 2015

DHS Sec: Obama Regime Using Term ‘Violent Extremism’, Rather Than Islamic Extremism, At Behest Of Muslim Leaders

You mean it's not because Obama is on the other side?

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Sunday that President Obama’s decision not to say the actions of the Islamic State is a form of “radical Islam” is at the behest of the Muslim community. 
“The thing I hear from leaders in the Muslim community in this country is ISIL is attempting to hijack my religion,” Johnson told “Fox News Sunday,” referring to the terror group also known as Islamic State, or ISIS. 
Johnson said the leaders argue their religion is about peace and brotherhood and “resent” that Islamic State is “attempting to hijack that from us.” 
Obama is facing sharp criticism, even from within his own party, for instead using the term “violent extremism” to describe the actions of ISIS and other terror groups that are based on a form of Islam.
What a pile of steaming Jihadist pig shit.


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Anonymous said...

If he weren't on the other side, he wouldn't be doing what Muslim leaders ask him to do, when it is obviously the opposite of the truth.