Monday, February 23, 2015

Islamic State Savages Burn 43 People Alive In Iraq

Remember we told you about that parade the other day?

Yeah, well, THIS:
The jihadist group Islamic State, or IS, burned alive on Saturday 43 people kidnapped in the western Iraqi province of Anbar, a security official told Efe. 
The IS militants caged their hostages, who were mostly police and members of the pro-government Sunni militias called Salvation Councils, then set them on fire. 
The radical group kidnapped the victims more than a week ago in the Al Baghdadi area of Anbar province. 
Last Feb. 17, the IS executed and burned more than 40 people in the same area, most of them members of the police and the Salvation Councils. 
Anbar province is largely dominated by the jihadists, and Al Baghdadi was one of the few cities where the Iraqi government was still in control.

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