Friday, February 27, 2015

Free Thinker and Humanist Avijit Roy Murdered By Scuzlims

What Muslims Are Good At
Avijit Roy was a science writer, blogger, atheist, feminist, humanist, free thinker, and the founder of mukto Mona blog for Bengali free thinkers. He lived in the USA, but came to Bangladesh for a week or so to attend the inauguration of his new book at the national book fair in Dhaka. 
After the inauguration of his book tonight he and his wife left the book fair at around 9 pm. And then when they were on their way to home and not far from the book fair, Islamic fanatics stopped their rickshaw, dragged them out and hacked Avijit to death. The wife is alive but badly injured.


Anonymous said...

RIP. I've heard Islam had nothing to do with this.

Anonymous said...

He lived in the US, but was he a US citizen? If so, I´m sure the State Department will raise hell ...