Sunday, February 22, 2015

Muslim Leaders Lie (by omission) In Prayer at the White House Extremist Conference


There are of course, many ways to deceive people with what you say. One of them is by what you do not say, when it is directly relevant to the question asked but only the part of the answer that assuages your concerns is given. 
Examples of this kind of deception are too easy to think of from one’s own life’s experience to bother typing out here I suspect. 
On Feb. 19 2015 at the White House a quite typical but pernicious example of this kind of lie was used by the clerics who read the one religious prayer that was given at the summit on ‘violent extremism’. 
In the video below, you can see exactly what two of the omissions were. One was the lines spoken in Arabic but not translated into English which changes the meaning quite a bit. This is the same tactic used against the Marines by the islamic Barbary Pirateswhen defeated by Jefferson’s American forces. (Article 11 guaranteeing no enmity between Christian and Islamic states was not put into the Arabic version.) 
The second lie of omission is the verse that comes right after the verse they did recite, which fundamentally transforms (wait that sounds familiar) the meaning of the verse they did read. 
There will be a lot more analysis added by link in this post by the scholar Dr. Andrew Bostom and others as the evening goes on and people have their posts ready. Please check back shortly. Meanwhile, there is this important link which explains how this particular deception is often used. 
Gates of Vienna post on this matter here

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