Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rephrasing the Threat

I’ve been thinking about our conversation between Midnight Rider, AOW and myself on the Gathering Storm Radio Show last Friday and the post I did here on IBA a day or so ago.
My point was -- If ISIS is not eradicated NOW from the face of the earth, then this is an indictment of Civilization itself. 
But the response of Civilization to the barbarism of ISIS is stifled by the phrasing of the argument. Phrasing the argument for or against it in terms of religion, political correctness and/or politics is preventing the coordinated cooperation of our planet’s societies.
So we have to rephrase the argument in terms that eliminates any opposition to action by those suppressing elements.
Our leaders in government and the media must phrase the argument for immediate world action against ISIS as a response to an attack on civilization itself.  No matter what society holds as their political or religious foundation, their society is under attack by the vicious entity of ISIS.
So I say again. If ISIS is not eradicated NOW from the face of the earth, then this is an indictment of Civilization itself. 
And History will positively deem it so – when a modern 21st Century civilization could not find the courage to defend itself against an attack from evil.  If that civilization did nothing and circled the drain then it serves itself right.


WC said...

They either work to preserve civilization - civil behavior - or they are treated as senimies of it. Doesn't matter what religion or politics - civil behavior is civil behavior.

It's a damn shame that the UN does not raise an army in defense of civilization and defeat ISIS. That's the only group I'm speaking of now. Other threats to civilization can be dealt with later.

Maybe such a re-phrasing of the threat will help in dealing with those.

Pastorius said...

Good post.

But I think you need to add the WHY.

Why is it "an indictment of civilization itself"?

The reason is, our Civilization is built on the idea that individuals are free entities, with the right to choose who they will be, and how they will be it, as long as they do not hurt or steal from others in the process.

So, if Civilization is not willing to stand up for it's own values system, then Civilization has proven that it is not civilized in the first place.