Monday, November 16, 2015

So I just listened to Obama from Turkey - TIME TO REMOVE HIM PER CONSTITUTION

The primary reason for the existence of any govt is the protection of the people.

All I heard form Obama just now was his concern for the refugees and discrimination against their religion, and we should not let this event color our goodness in allowing them here. It is our duty to get them here.

If we could, without doubt, vet the refugees while they remained on an ‘Eliis Island’ he MIGHT have a case for this, done that way.

But he cannot, and he would not isolate them that way.

Just today we have seen that multiple refugees (one of whom was a religious terrorist mass murdering war criminal) are running round with the same passport.

I have NEVER supported the idea of removing Obama via impeachment, but today he has without doubt shown his concern is NOT, as a priority, the unlimited protection of the American people.

This makes him not only guilty of being UNFIT for the job, but guilty of the HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANORS clause via violating his oath to defend ‘We the People’, and failing to ‘provide for the common defense’.

At best Mr Obama is a delusional and dangerous fool.

He’s gone too far and has to go.



Anonymous said...

I cannot locate the value of cultural or national "suicide" in The Constitution of the United States, nor in the US Bill of Rights.
At what point does the treasonous actions of the current-occupant-of-the-oval-office cross the threshold of Congressional intervention? He is either incompetent, complicit in treason, or insane. Either way, he needs to be removed from office.

Always On Watch said...


He's going to get millions of us killed!

Pastorius said...

As I have been saying, the day after the Paris Jihad attacks, Obama went to Turkey and I believe his solution will be to bring even more Muslims into the western world.

It looks like I am right.