Thursday, July 14, 2016

McCaskill: Founding Fathers Were ‘Maniacal’ for Wanting Separation of Powers

From the Free Beacon:
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) called the Founding Fathers of the United States “a little maniacal” in their focus on a separation of powers during an appearance on Morning Joe Thursday. 
While criticizing Donald Trump, McCaskill, a Hillary Clinton supporter, said the country should not be divided and pointed to the rancor in Congress as proof of the problem. “We have trouble on Capitol Hill unifying,” she said. 
“I think the Republican Party is in charge on Capitol Hill, and they’re really split in their ranks. I mean, I think Paul Ryan is having a very difficult time with his caucus. I just see in the Republican Senate that Mitch McConnell can’t—” 
Host Joe Scarborough cut in to note her criticism was focusing solely on the GOP and ignoring the Democrats. 
“You’re just talking about the Republicans and the Republican candidate for president. Is this just a problem of one party?” Scarborough asked. “Or is this a problem of a system that just has been divisive long before Donald Trump even became a Republican?” 
McCaskill then engaged in a bit of baffling historical talk. 
“Well, part of the problem is that our framers were a little maniacal in that if you look at other democracies around the world, when one party wins the congressional branch, they take the Executive branch,” McCaskill said. “Not in our country.” 


WC said...

Speaking of maniacs.....

Anonymous said...

Don't make me use my mommy voice to remind you that the whole idea of the separation of powers was that each would counterbalance the other. Contention between branches of government was a feature not a bug Senator. When the people in the several branches got too chummy with each other, when they started acting like a ruling elite who were all Progressives under the skin no matter what branch they worked in this week, then it would become easier and easier for them all to collude to the government's advantage against the citizen. Kinda just exactly like what is going on now and why so many people support a candidate who offers the possibility that at least some of this near-treasonous collusion will be suppressed.

Not an endorsement. My concern is that I still don't know what Trump really believes.

-- theBuckWheat

Pastorius said...

I understand what you're saying, Buckwheat, and I agree. And I share your concerns about Trump.

But at least Trump is saying the right things.

And at least he is willing to stand up to the BSGOP