Saturday, July 16, 2016

Turkish Coup Outcome is not a Choice for Freedom, it’s PHYSICS

I first took note of Turkish election results and their impact in the world in 2003, when the 4th division sat in ships off the (NATO MEMBER) Turkish coast, preventing them from quickly enveloping from the north, the entire Iraqi army.

It was suddenly OBVIOUS that the people of Turkey supported this because they did not want their (Christian?) alliance partner’s men on Muslim soil in Iraq or crossing their land.

Of course I have never since believed they actually were in NATO in any other than an ancillary membership, and realized that they had elected if not an Islamist govt FREELY, then one sympathetic to the same goals.

Since then it is OBVIOUS that across several elections, the Turkish people themselves are Islamist.
That is reflected by the failure of this coup.

They do NOT support freedom of religion, conscience, speech, or action unless it conforms to the Quran. They do not WANT the presence of NATO forces except that they may NEED them. They will attack allied American people if found alone.

They, the Turkish PEOPLE are not our allies. They, the Turkish people have chosen different values. They, the Turkish people want Islamism to succeed and that is why they have chosen an autocratic Islamist govt. SEVERAL TIMES.

Fine, it’s their nation. And they are in a VERY strategic geography

However…as Yoda once said, there is another…
and they have FAR more of our values


Anonymous said...

Turkish prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for 140 Constitutional Court members and 48 members of the Council of State in the wake of Friday night’s attempted coup. Ten arrests have already been made, local media reported. SNIP

Anonymous said...

An all too suspiciously convenient coup, if you ask me...

Quote===>"Erdogan called the coup a "gift from God" because it will help Turkey clean out the military from the "members of this gang." The timing of the coup was "meaningful," because the military will start meetings in the beginning of August, and those who staged the coup were afraid of the decisions that would be made at those meetings, Erdogan said.
This is not old Turkey," he said. "This is new Turkey."<===

Epaminondas said...

New Turkey .... Gaza

Ciccio said...

Read History! Turkey is Nato because Turkey hs been at war with Russia for 500 years, the one time in the 1800's when Russia was about to grab Constantinople Britain sent their troops to help the Turk.The Turks do not like Nato, they just dislike Russia more than they dislike the West.

Epaminondas said...