Saturday, July 16, 2016

Why Pence was a horrid choice

1) His social values stances will alienate all the same voters that limit the possible incremental votes the R’s can gain

Never mind the justice in any decision in social values, by picking a man who has the values Pence does on gay marriage etc, and that abortion in general results in a funeral, who but those who would/might have stayed home because the Cruz crusade was eviscerated would vote Trump over this?
Full disclosure:

I don’t CARE who marries who, or who you have sex with as long as you are not a PROFESSIONAL ‘I have sex with xxx, not yyy’, depriving me of the ability to ‘change the channel’. I DON’T CARE. SCOTUS decided as well, so unless that turns into Plessy v Ferguson and Brown vs Board, confine opposition to ‘raising conscience’

The abortion argument turns on faith it is murder. The USA has something better, it’s called science. There is a date in a pregnancy after which a fetus can be saved. That makes it a human. After that date, ALL ABORTION SHOULD BE BANNED except when the life of the mother is in question. All should be cognizant that this date will get earlier and earlier as science strives to save lives (so why do we strive for this, btw?)
2) Free Trade

Pence has the 180 degree OPPOSITE view of Trump. If he cannot convincingly profess complete conversion, what is Trump thinking?

3) If this choice is telling us that Trump both needs the support of the RNC corporate R’s and the voters whose religious and free trade values would keep them at home, BEFORE he can embark on a campaign he will need 60+ MILLION VOTES, then he is telling us he does not believe he can grab the middle of the electorate and EXPAND the voter base within his ideas.

So why should I believe he can win?

After Nice, and Newt’s reaction (clearly unconstitutional, but on the absolute right path) and then the delay, I was really wondering if Trump was going to pick Newt, or Flynn, but Trump, the outsider, went CONVENTIONAL WISDOM and picked the path along which Republicans LOSE, and perhaps that tells us what kind of president he will make.

70-75% of this nation believe and HAVE BELIEVED we are on the wrong path, and Trump’s pick is a path well trod. The more this ages, the more it turns to vinegar.


Always On Watch said...

It is Pence's stance on Free Trade that worries me the most.

Epaminondas said...

He just SUCKS..across the board, and the meaning of the choice by Trump sucks more

Pastorius said...

Newt would have been a bad choice, because

1) no one likes Newt
2) Newt is just Christie with an intellect

I think you're dead wrong.

The VP slot does not lose votes because no one cares. But the VP vote does say, "this is a guy who is willing to play the game". It's a signal to people within the party not without.

Pence is not Sarah Palin or Dick Cheney. He's Joe Biden, or Al Gore. Just enough strategy and innocuous personality to make people feel good without making people feel bad.

You worry too much lately, Epa. That's my opinion. Every step lately has caused you to vacillate.

What's up with that?

Pastorius said...

Perhaps the reason you vacillate so easily is because you don't like Trump much in the first place.


Here's the thing:

We've been doing this blog for 11 years now. What we have needed more than anything is a leader who is on the same page with regard to Islam.

We have never had that.

Trump is actually closer to being on the same page with us than someone like Marine Le Pen, or Nigel Farage, or the UKIP, or anyone.

Bonus points for the Border Wall.

Sure, I don't agree with him on other things, or I am worried about him on nearly everything, but it's so damned clear HE IS BETTER THAN HILLARY.

I do not understand the hand-wringing.

It's as if we have turned into a nation of squeamish Hamlets.

It's pathetic.

Nicoenarg said...

Watched him on Hannity, seems fine.

Epaminondas said...

You're right about 1 thing.

I hate the GOP
D's make me want to vomit and die

But tell me you wouldn't want to see Newt on the debate stage with ELIZABETH WARREN

Look NOTHING (I can imagine) will get my vote off Trump in this choice set, but prepare to get the double shotted canister at close range over abortion and gay rights (meaning party of NO and they hate you because they are party of white haters, blacks, gays and latinos, and PS they hate ALL immigration)

Trump is at 8% blacks voting for him. There is more potential incremental gain there than in another 8% christian conservatives actually turning out instead of being total assholes and allowing HRC the next 3 SCOTUS picks.

He has GOT to ENSURE the labor vote is in play. Those are D or I. Pence does not help that. IMHO

Post is about math, not what I want

Nicoenarg said...

Newt would have turned the blacks around to vote for Trump?

Maybe Trump should have picked a half Hispanic, half black, gay, lesbian, transsexual Muslim who has had 5 abortions. That would have pleased everybody.

Trump picked this guy because he found him best as his yes man who will deal with congress for him. Newt is too opinionated and would clash with Trump, Flynn...AYKM? How dafuq would he deal with congress?

Also Pence is bland enough that no one cares. As for Dem attacks. They've tried them already with Trump and they don't work.

And last time I checked the ticket was Trump/Pence, not Pence/Trump.

Epaminondas said...

Newt is an outside-insider, and has NO record like Pence on minority/gay rights

This is not about what Pence thinks. It is about what D's can EFFECTIVELY program against Pence as indicative of what Trump truly believes and will be swallowed

We talk about about realities in here, but dems win elections on PERCEPTION.

'Romney is a guy who dismembers the company u work for and doesn;t give a shit if u and your wife die without health insurance as a result'

I think my point is being missed

Nicoenarg said...

I think your point is coming across as "he should have picked ABC because of how he or she may be perceived by those who are not going to vote for a republican even if their life depended on it."

You suggested Flynn...sure he might be more palatable to gays and baby killers, but he'd turn off more conservatives than Trump on his own. "A democrat who is fine with killing babies and faggots marrying? Yeah I'm sitting this one out". You can't appease them all and Trump made the right choice here. Blacks are a lost cause, Trump is leading with whites and that will offset the difference with blacks. Trump is closing the gap with Hispanics.

Newt's his own man, he set more fires than put them out. Trump would be busy dealing with his own controversy and Newt's. Not something that would help the republicans at all.

At the end of the Trump picked exactly according to the criteria he laid out.

Nicoenarg said...

I meant at the end of the day...

Pastorius said...

Ok, Epa. I get your point. But I think Trump's personality is so powerful, no one will even know who Pence is when the election comes around.