Saturday, February 18, 2017

***The Counterpuncher*** Beijing, Moscow, Teheran, I **SINCERELY** hope you are watching

After the INCREDIBLE Press Conference we have the premier reporter for NBC News:
And then....  
Now I would never have said this, in EITHER case. After all, the 'press' is a business whose profit determines whether it exists or not.
If you notice Trump, every time he attacks, mentions the word FAILING, and he is going after the core - the advertising that makes the profits, and if the ads decrease the market WILL REACT.

So if the press is reformed or end up in Yekaterinburg, American Style, and Chuck Todd is replaced by a tag team of Lewis Black, Don Rickles, and Adam Sandler (balance, folks), a big SO WHAT? Besides, Rickles may be able to get more out anyone in the hot seat.

 But I digress ...

When I read the President's counter-punch tweet, I was aghast.

My view was that the media had COMPLETELY lost my faith and my trust to REPORT reality, but enemy of the people was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over a line.

Especially from the president.

Like the moment Trump was so offensive towards McCain (who we can see in his comment OUTSIDE THE USA yesterday STILL takes it very personally) in what seems like archaeology, now. Over the line, right?

 Except.....Except.... Except...
In the interval between Trump's tweet, and Todd's offer of peace (NO MAS?), conservative press glitterati like SE Cupp, and Steve Hayes all lined up in Defense of their profession (BUSINESS, people, business in the end - like selling SHOES) .

 So here is where I profess Trump has more of what it takes to WIN at any level than me.


 He doesn't care.
 You must be bloody on the floor and he doesn't care about onlookers.
 If you hit him back after he hits you back, he will hit back harder.

More viciously.
Until you feel in jeopardy.
It's for keeps.
So, Putin, Xi, Kim, Khameinei .... I hope you are all taking note.  

Trump doesn't care


Pastorius said...

Look, if they don't tell the truth in service of taking down the legitimately elected President of the United States, then they are the enemy of the people.

AND, Trump is what you say he is.

Now, he needs to beat Russia, China, NoKo, and the Mullahs into submission.

thelastenglishprince said...

Nah, Epa. Trump is more wolverine, in my eyes. The animal takes a piss on the food supply when done with his portion so that none other can enjoy it. Trump Tweets, are a piss-load, for sure! Media puts out a story which may not be entirely straight - Trump takes a portion, checks it out, and takes a whizz.

Have a friend fighting in my mail, putting Trump's fight with the media on scale with Pussy Riot being jailed in Russia. yawn Write me.... when Trump starts jailing journalists. We forget what the Obama administration tried to pull with the journalist Rosen. Now that - is a threat.

Trump is calling them out for the hateful tone. Would they have treated Obama in same manner, they would be called racists and shut down. Instead, media still panders to the Zero's.

midnight rider said...

The guy is from Queens and Brooklyn. What did you expect? He's a scrapper which we badly need after eight years of the guy hanging on to mommy's apron strings.

midnight rider said...

And wearing her jeans while riding her bike...

Pastorius said...

... and screwing Mom's gay "Bestie."