Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hamas-Fatah violence bleeds on, and so do the casualties

Well, it figures that the bloodshed, once started, would not cease so easily, and it didn't. The civil war between Hamas and Fatah continues:
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Gunmen armed with mortars and grenades fought in several areas of Gaza City on Saturday, killing two men on the third straight day of factional clashes linked to the power struggle over the Palestinian government.

The deaths brought to 20 the number of Palestinians killed since late Thursday, and at least 66 people were wounded, medical officials said. The rival Hamas and Fatah movements traded angry accusations, and each held several supporters of the other side hostage.

The violence froze talks about bringing Fatah into the Hamas-led government, negotiators said. Fatah's leader, moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said he would go ahead with his plan to call early elections if the coalition negotiations fail to produce results within two to three weeks.

The Gaza fighting, which started late Thursday, was among the deadliest in nearly two months.
I get the feeling that they won't have any new elections, and there weren't really any to begin with. And this is one of the bloodiest outbursts I've seen so far between them.

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Anonymous said...

Difficult Question of the Year:

Can ANYBODY tell about ONE SINGLE politician ANYWHERE in the West that says what most normal people think:

"Get out of the way and let these two branches of the Death Cult kill off each other in as high numbers as possible."