Monday, January 29, 2007

It's The Deep South All Over Again ...

No, it's even worse. It's the Deep South with honor killings, female genital mutilation, stoning of gays and apostates, Beslan, 9/11, 7/7, Jihad, Arab Supremacism, the Sudanes genocide, beheading of Christian schoolgirls ...

you know the story.

In Australia, now Muslims have their own bathrooms. How about that? (From the Australian Herald Sun)

A ROW has erupted over Muslim-only washrooms at La Trobe University that can be accessed only with a secret push-button code.

Muslim students have exclusive access to male and female washrooms on campus, sparking claims of bias and discrimination.

The university and Islamic leaders have defended the washrooms as vital to Muslim students' prayer rituals.

A university student, who did not want to be identified, raised the issue with the Sunday Herald Sun this week.

Australian Family Council spokesman Bill Muehlenberg said concerns over the exclusive facilities were valid.

"Do we have a Christian washroom or an atheist washroom?" he said. "The whole thing is madness."

Mr Muehlenberg said the separate facilities were divisive. "If Muslims are saying 'we are good Australians and want to integrate', why are they insisting on separate washrooms?" he said.

Oh, by the way, the reason they say they need separate bathrooms is to wash their feet for prayer. Got that? It has nothing to do with the fact that they consider Infidels to be unclean.


Anonymous said...

Segregation and apartheid....

In the old days, the American "left" was on the side of eliminating the discrimination. I wonder what side they will be on now?

Dhimmi rules. (Multiple plays on the words here....)

Pastorius said...

In the name of segregation, the left will come down on the side of segregation.

Anonymous said...

We had better stop this right here and now, before we find out they are using the muslim bathrooms to store weapons that can be used for terrorist attacks...there should be NOTHING exclusive to muslims or any other faith...there is NOTHING in the koran mandating separate facilities for this...they do NOT have to pray if they are out and about doing classes, or at work....this is all bull sh--t acting like they have to pray everywhere and all the time.

The muslim fanatics use this mantra to get public space for their hidden agenda, and taxpayers should not be paying for it. Let them BUILD A PLACE if they need one that badly, just as Christians or Jews would have to do if they wanted one.

Why is it they get everything they ask for? This is absurd to say the least.

Whatever happened to the separateness of the church and state the liberals always chant? I personally am tired of having them push their agenda down my throat.

I hope we would all stand outside any siuch separate facilities, and pat each one on the back for having washed so well, as he or she leaves to go to prayer. Let's all give them a pat on the back [and thus defile them] whenever we can.

Anonymous said...

"We had better stop this right here and now, before we find out they are using the muslim bathrooms to store weapons that can be used for terrorist attacks..."

Hey! No fair skipping ahead and reading the last chapter of the book!

Another thought -- considering the waves of sexual assault on infidel females, that would be a great place for them to take their victims.

It would even make a great publicity line when they film the movie: "In the Muslim restroom, no one can hear you scream."

Demosthenes said...

I'm getting a little resentful of the constant use of the South as a region with an especially evil history. The history of the world has been rather dreadful. Most people have lived in abject poverty with little freedom. Slavery was common everywhere. The South was not especially late in eliminating slavery--a matter of decades--and no doubt the Southerners would have eliminated it on their own over time, since capitalism out competes feudalism. At the time of the end of Southern slavery, the plight of the Northern workers and their brethren in England was terrible. There was serfdom in Russia. China had all sorts of barbaric practices. Slavery was common in muslim lands. India was a British colony. There was genetial mutilation of women in the muslim world as there is now. There was footbinding of women in China. Horrible diseases like hookworm and guinea worm were common experiences. Let's lay off the South, and attack the most evil lands, the lands were Islam dwells.

Pastorius said...

I did say it was worse.

I understand the wider spectrum of history. I was using the South as a device to draw in those who would ordinarily have trouble seeing the evil.

We have an awful lot of people who come here and call us Nazis, so I think of them often when I am writing a post. I think of what it is that might wake them up.

See what I mean?

Demosthenes said...


I do recognize the need for good rhetoric to win hearts and minds. When I said constant use of the South, I didn't mean constant use by you, I meant the more general constant use of the South as a moral whipping boy. What do you think of the alternative of using South Africa's apartheid regime as the symbol of that sort of evil? I believe the use of the South as a symbol of some special evil is part of the mythology of the United States as source of evil rather than good in the world. (Tangential note: most writers at this point would rant about objective morality. I actually oppose such a conception of morality.)

Anyway, I think it's about time to fight back against Southern white men as a symbol of evil. And who better to defend Southern white men than a Northern gay man? Well, I suppose it would work better if I were black.

Cubed © said...

"Why is it they get everything they ask for?"

An excellent question - they are like a bunch of two-year-olds whose caretakers give in to everything they want just to end the tantrum, only the tantrum will never end because it's WORKING!

Like good ol' Dr. Phil says, "We teach others how to treat us." What kind of lesson are we giving the Muslims? Re-word that - what kind of lesson are Our Leaders giving the Muslims? It is my guess that when push comes to shove, as it inevitably will, there are a LOT of us who do not subscribe to the "make-nice theory of relationships" with the Muslims. A LOT of us know exactly what's going on.

Surprise, surprise, Muslims!