Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jesus Christ! What Is Happening In Spain?

I have kept up a correspondence with a woman in Spain. Periodically, she writes to me and tells me of her feeling of hopelessness in the face of the encroaching Socialism of the Zapatero government and its appeasement of Islam.

Honestly, while I took her seriously, I also just kind of filed her assertions under the heading of "more of the same" since this kind of thing seems to be happening in many a Western country.

I should have taken her more seriously. Here is an email she sent to me yesterday. For God's sake, if what she reports is the truth, parts of Spain are on the brink of chaos and potential collapse:

... the news are very discouraging. Socialist + nationalists are trying to make a regime change in which right-wingers (that is, Popular Party) are going to be reduced to nothing more than spectator and that joint coalition is going to be governing for ever.

ETA exploded a bomb in Madrid-Barajas' airport, on Dec 30th, and as you probably know two inmigrants from Ecuador were killed. The representatives from Ecuadorean community here try to demonstrate but the Unions stole from them the demonstration and changed the leading leit-motiv of it, forbidding the word "freedom" to appear on it and selecting the word peace to appear.

Zapatero is calling the process of negotiation with ETA "peace process" so at the end the demonstration became a "peace process'" supporting act.

Only 200.000 people -according to the organization, Police said only 150.000- attended to it. If we consider that the last march against ETA negotiation was atended by nearly 1.500.000 and nearly no media network call announced it, one can see the difference.

The prices of electricity and natural gas -not gasoline- have been lifted.

In Barcelona okupas are entering people's houses while they are on vacation and changing the keys not letting the right owners enter again, while at the same time, the Autonomous Government (Socialist and extreme nationalists) are condoning the okupas and calling for the appearance of a new tax on people if they do not put their houses to rent -around 9 € per day, more or less, 9$ per day-.

Also in Catalonia, gangs of ex-army oficials from East European countries -now unemployed in their countries of origin- trained in military assault, are entering houses with extreme brutality and robbing them.

But as here we are so correct (I think she means "politically correct"), policemen are telling people not to resist them.

I wonder how someone can resist them if they kick you in the head, mouth, stomach, etc and tell you to cooperate if you don't want your family to be killed. So some people who were armed shoot the bastards and they are on trial, accused of killing the assaulters with the DA's office crying "This is not going to be like the West".

The people nevertheless are arming themselves, and the problems caused by the expulsion of the Civil Guard and National Police from Catalonia and the substitution by the Mossos d'Esquadra -the Autonomous POlice- as the new Estatute of Catalonia does, are going to be very grave in not a very distant future.

The Government has also opened a Muslim Museum, directed by a woman who is convinced that the Muslim religion incarnates freedom for women, and are

trying to make Catholic Church to open Catholic Cathedral of Cordoba to Muslim prayers.

I honestly don't know what to say. It is mind-boggling that a Western European nation could be experiencing such a dive into barbarism. Of course, Spain's history is not one of stability, but this is very sad news to hear.


Jaime Raúl Molina said...


Although I neither live in Spain nor am a Spaniard, I do follow more or less Spain's actuality from a distance. I can corroborate what your reader tells you. It's all true.

Zapatero is a Socialist extremist. From the beginning of his government, he has followed a policy of appeasement as regards ETA (the Basque comunist-terrorist band), a band that the previous government of Jose Maria Aznar (Partido Popular or "PP") had brought to its knees. It was almost defeated.

Come Zapatero almost 3 years ago, and since then he has only appeased ETA, giving them every concession imaginable, and thus giving them time to reorganize and rearm.

As regards Zapatero's stance towards Islamofascism and anti-semitism (common to all Socialists), during the last Summer's Israeli war with Hizbullah, this idiot Zapatero met with some Palestinian activists and had the stomach to appear in front of cameras wearing the Palestinian scarf.

And he also has been promoting his idiotic "Alianza de Civilizaciones" (Alliance of Civilizations) project internationally, but even the people in the UN have not paid much attention to him.

Contrast this idiot with his predecessor PP's Jose Maria Aznar and you see there is a abyss separating them. Aznar has talked repeatedly warning of the threat that Islamofascism represents to the West; fully supported GW Bush in the war against terror; pursued a relentless campaign against terrorist ETA that had them on their knees; and during his mandate Spain's economy became one of the most dynamic in Europe.

Indeed, the Spaniards on 14th March 2004, when they elected Zapatero, committed a huge mistake that I am sure many of them are now regretting.

By the way, for those of you who can read Spanish and want to keep updated on Spain's actuality, I strongly recommend Libertad Digital, an online newspaper with a clear editorial line based on Capitalism, Private Property and the values of Western society.

Pastorius said...

Thanks, Jaime. I remember the khaffeiyeh incident. However, I didn't realize he was this extreme.

I can't read Spanish well enough to actually read a newspaper unfortunately.