Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is posted over on Atlas with a link to The official government website of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has posted the transcript of an IRIB series on the imminent arrival of the Mahdi/12th Imam. According to IRIB he is to begin his uprising in Mecca, then march on Iraq to establish his new world government.

No word as to whether the Saudis have confirmed his reservation...


Pastorius said...

Hey, welcome RRA. Your first post. Yay!

Wasn't that hard, was it?

revereridesagain said...

That's what you think! I still gotta figure out how to post links...

Still, it's nice to have "arrived" at last. Woot!

Anonymous said...

"How beautiful and auspicious will be the day when the world is cleansed of deceit and mischief."
My thought is that he was looking out on the streets of Tehran when he said this!
"Lack of attention to man's sublime needs."
Yep that is exactly what submission will get you.
"Undoubtedly, history will not end with the memory of man's failures."
The greatest failure of mankind is to allow Arab Imperialism to spread.
"man's ultimate fate is not weakness and inability"
As the Islamic nations are my witness it is their fate!