Monday, January 29, 2007

The poll with meaning

I have seen the BBC poll which says in most of the world, people think the USA is a negative influence on the world.

We've all seen the polls which says we suck. We've seen our own politicians braying about the USA being a pariah (while sitting next to a govt official, and ex president of a nation which hosted at the govt's expense, a conference to dispute the fact of the Holocaust).
We see every day the hormonally deprived hysteria driving the stomach churned pols to the safety of non action.

Imagine though that despite the actions of american well meaners and the non virtues of cholesterol, american muscle to change the world is once again, the $1 double cheeseburger, courtesy of the Golden Arches.

McDonald's strength grows, especially among nations where they 'hate' us...
The secret plan is working !

Forget Bouillibaisse, and Camembert, Messr Chirac, ....

The appeal of the American way seems to transcend all boundaries. When McDonald's opened its first restaurant in Kuwait in 1994, 15,000 customers formed a seven-mile line at the drive-through. China boasts 780 McDonald's restaurants; and this month, in a Beijing suburb not far from the Ming tombs, McDonald's pinned its prospects to the motorized middle class by unveiling a drive-through in a gas station. For a while in China, McDonald's offered customers Asian-style wraps and considered marketing a "rice burger." But now the company has realized that the Chinese want hamburgers.

Be very afraid, Mahmoud, we are opening near you......maybe it's kosher

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Epaminondas said...

And all this time they were paying attention to internet porn and gay marriage, bwahahahahahahaaha, instead, all there will be to eat is cheesburgers and beef fat fried french fries, and zionists control all the companies that make stents, and all the medical school that graduate cardiologists ....

and they're HALAL,


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