Sunday, January 28, 2007

I've had it with this kind of stuff


On stage.

In Switzerland

On international TV

With those who consider us the spawns of hell

Is it any wonder no one serving will eat with this man?


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad he's not running for prez.

I wish that Kennedy curse would catch up with him.

Anonymous said...

I hope he apologises for the 'Virtual Internment Camps' in which America is holding its Muslims.


"Since the events of September 11, 2001, Muslims and brown-skinned people in this country are under siege. While many have in fact been picked up and jailed without any probable cause, the majority are living in virtual internment camps.

The climate for Muslims today is very much as it was for Americans of Japanese descent during World War II. Japanese-Americans in the Western states were rounded up and moved to internment camps so they wouldn't aid and abet the enemy. In a similar fashion, Muslims and other brown-skinned people perceived to be Muslim, are treated like the enemy and are also living in internment camps. The difference is the camps of today are virtual.

Concerted harassment by government officials, destructive and draconian laws aimed at limiting freedoms, media indifference, hate-filled public figures, and an apathetic citizenry have all come together to build the virtual internment camps that house the American Muslim community."

What form of illusory persecution will these perpetual victims face next? Virtual Gas-chambers? Phantom firing squads? Imaginary Crematoria? Hallucinatory Holocausts?

Virtual victimology is a far worse fate than being burnt alive in your office! Oh my heart bleeds for these poor victims of Islamophobia.

Watcher said...

I call him Senator-disgrace Kerry. said...

Is is any wonder no one serving will eat with this prick?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what drugs John Kerry is on. I'm serious. I would like to know.