Wednesday, January 31, 2007

They Wanted To Behead a MUSLIM British Soldier

In the story below, I noted that the British Muslim community was not reacting to these arrests in their normal fashion. I speculated that this was because the terror cell operation had been a setup of police, and that it would prove to be a bogus story.

But alas, it looks like I was only half-right.

I was right that the Muslim community is not reacting with their usual anger and veiled threats


The reason they aren't is because the British soldier who was to be beheaded was a Muslim British soldier.

In other words, a man who was considered to be a traitor to Islam.

Let us be clear about this, this is yet another story that reveals the bottomless and malevolent duplicity of the British Muslim community. They seem to be in lockstep agreement that this man, this British Muslim soldier deserved to be beheaded.

How sick are they? Well, apparently, we will not cease to be amazed by their depravity. They are sicker than we can ever imagine, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Re-watch the Channel 4 documentary "Undercover Mosques". One of the Imams clearly declared that "the fighter who detached the [Muslim UK] soldier's head from his shoulders was the real hero".

Don't for a second delude yourselves into believing that the message served up in US mosques are any different.

We live in perilous times.....and it is our own fault for behaving like timid sheep. Try writing your lawmakers and demanding action be taken against the fifth column in US cities.

revereridesagain said...

Apparently they wanted to use it as a recruitment tool for the jihad, and to make the guy beg for Blair to save his life as had a previous hostage. Could be legit, but I still think this could have been a set-up because the "community leaders" did not consider this doofus plot in their long-range interest. What is the stance of the "community leaders" on Muslims joining the British forces, btw?

revereridesagain said...

Then if this plot had gone down as planned, how would the "Muslim Community Leaders" have handled it? They couldn't very well praise the victim for his service and they couldn't very well praise his murderers. That would rather let the cat out of the bag I should think. I suppose they would have been reduced to the safety of platitudious mumblings about "if they broke the law they must pay".

So how are the mosques handling the fallout from "Undercover Mosques", frisking everyone for hidden cameras?

Pastorius said...

I think you are joking, right? If not, read Michael Travis comment in this thread.

Hey look, I'm sure there are Muslims who don't agree with this kind of behavior, but I think they are the minority in many of the neighborhoods, and I think they are afraid to talk.

If they weren't afraid, then the ones at the mosque in the Channel 4 documentary would have reported what was going on at their Mosque.