Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show

And now, coming to you live from a stealth bomber circling above Mecca, it's the Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show ...

Last night, the Fu2rman and I did our latest installment of the Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show. This weeks show features:

1) Interview with Ayisha, Mohammed's 9 year-old child bride. Ayisha is back together with Mohammed now, and it sounds like she is in dire need of help.

2) The Muddy Stardust Dating a Pornstar Report - We talk with my friend, the minor league rock star, Muddy Stardust. Muddy talks about the time he brought his porn star girlfriend over to my house for Christmas and my four-year old daughter thought the hot babe was Cinderella.

3) The Wet Burqa Contest - Imam Ali Allah Akbar Bibi takes over the show for fifteen minutes and holds a Wet Burqa Contest. The lovely Khadija wins, and then begs us to please help her get away from the Imam.

You gotta hear this crap to believe it, or well, maybe, you just shouldn't believe it.

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