Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not only that, the president you see on TV? HIS real name is Sheldon Greenburg from Rockville Centre

It Wasn't Saddam But His Double Who Was Executed

From the inimitable MEMRI
A new conspiracy theory has gained currency in Egypt in recent weeks, according to which it was not Saddam Hussein, but rather his double who was executed. Also, it was not his two sons 'Uday and Qusay who were killed during the war, but their doubles.

The book Saddam Was Not Executed and 'Uday and Qusay Were not Killed - The United States' Lies and the Double Game, by Egyptian researcher, author, and journalist Anis Al-Daghidi (363 pp), was published in early January 2007. In it, the author claims that Saddam Hussein was never captured, and that it was his double that was executed. [1]

Mahmoud Nafi', a columnist for the Egyptian government daily Al-Gumhouriyya who rejects Al-Daghidi's claims, presented further details on the contents of the book: "The first thing that Al-Daghidi focused on to prove that it was not Saddam who was executed but his double was the mole on his forehead or on his temple. The 'real' Saddam Hussein did not have such a mole, and thus the Saddam who was put on trial was his double, Mikhail Ramadhan, whose real name is Makhluf Ramadhan…

"In addition, Saddam's hair was thick, whereas the hair of the double we saw in court was thin…

"The Iraqi-Iranian doctor Muhammad Asasidi who conducted scientific research on Saddam… made a computer-aided comparison of the ear of the 'Saddam' who was caught and tried, and photos of [the real] Saddam's [ear] when he was the Iraqi vice-president - that is, before he had a double… and found that there was a clear difference between the ears…

Not only that, but the guy yelling 'Moqtadr' was Sharon.

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