Thursday, January 25, 2007

An unhappy life for women in Iraq

Rocco di Pippo of the Autonomist blog has been in Iraq recently, and reports that for women there, equality has still not been achieved:
In terms of material resources, Iraq is poised to take its place among the earth's most prosperous nations. But, as is case in Saudi Arabia, it will never happen until women in Iraq are treated equal to men. For a start, they should be treated better than dogs.

Iraq's society appears to be structured and dictated by oppressive, frightened men, many of whom use the Koran to justify the subjugation and destruction of women. Men whose false "respect" for women is rooted in total fear of them and their sexuality. Men who control and manipulate every single aspect of women's lives.

Where are the Western "progressive" women's groups when you need them? Why are most Western feminists and feminist groups silent when it comes to the terrible plight of Iraq's oppressed women? They have turned their backs on those who truly need liberating, preferring instead to slay "oppression" where it does not truly exist. They are cowards and liars.
For Iraq to truly become a democratic country, and for women there to gain full rights, that's why Islam will have to be rid of.

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