Friday, January 26, 2007

And just when you think Jimmy Carter's stupidity reaches apogee..

Jimmy, I hate to ask this of a man I once voted for, but, do you have a big white sheet with a pointy hat in a closet somewhere?

Jimmy Carter: Too many Jews on Holocaust council


(Also known as ..."Too many jews in Israel, btw ,, or NYC for that matter, eh, or too many african-americans in the NAACP, too many Italians in the Knights of Columbus, how about too many Georgians in the KKK, you gavone?)

But of course to SOME PEOPLE, jewish people are too thin skinned

TEL AVIV – Former President Jimmy Carter once complained there were "too many Jews" on the government's Holocaust Memorial Council, Monroe Freedman, the council's former executive director, told WND in an exclusive interview.

Freedman, who served on the council during Carter's term as president, also revealed a noted Holocaust scholar who was a Presbyterian Christian was rejected from the council's board by Carter's office because the scholar's name "sounded too Jewish."

Freedman, now a professor of law at Hofstra University, was picked by the council's chairman, author Elie Weisel, to serve as executive director in 1980. The council, created by the Carter White House, went on to establish the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Freedman says he was tasked with creating a board for the council and with making recommendations to the White House on how best to memorialize the Holocaust.

He told WND he sent a memo to Carter's office containing recommendations for council board members.

He said his memo was returned with a note on the upper right hand corner that stated, "Too many Jews."

The note, Freedman said, was written in Carter's handwriting and was initialed by Carter.

Why is there an Israel? Because of the effete, galactically assumptive 'correctness' of utter morons such as Mr. Carter, whose agog-making attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner, manages continually to suck the oxygen out of the earth.


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Anonymous said...

What people in the ovens? They were used for roasting peanuts.

Demosthenes said...

I can hardly conceive of a human being whose moral compass is more broken than Jimmy Carter's, but this factoid does nothing to expose the problems of Carter's sense of morality. An obvious interpretation of the facts given in the article is that Carter was simply concerned with the PR of a Holocaust memorial. A board that is too Jewish is open to all sorts of charges of unfairness. For instance, gays at the time were demanding their victimhood by the Nazis also be memorialized. And, you have to keep in mind that the Holocaust Memorial was put on the National Mall of the United States, and therefore is for all the people--not for the select victims of another country's evil.

Pastorius said...

Jimmy Carter stuns me repeatedly with his bizarre morality.

Anonymous said...

Well, it appears that Carter, after publishing a controversial book with the intention of inspiring further discussion, is getting far more discussion/recognition than he ever imagined cementing his legacy as an antisemitic nut.

Pastorius said...

What a way to go out, huh?

Bye bye Jimmy Carter.