Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's not just "Iraq" and it's not current events ...

Amid the semi gleeful reports of carnage from Baghdad .........evidence of the real nature of the beast ..

Bombing in Pakistan Kills 10

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) -- A suspected suicide attacker exploded a bomb near a Shiite Muslim mosque in this northwestern Pakistani city late Saturday, killing at least 11 people, including the city police chief, and wounding 35, police said.

Most of the victims were police and municipal officials who were clearing the route for a procession of Shiites in a crowded old quarter of Peshawar, said police officer Aziz Khan. The procession had yet to begin.

This weekend marks the start of the festival of Ashoura, when Shiites mourn the 7th century death of the prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussein. In the past the festival has been a target for sectarian attacks.

The blast went off in a bazaar area about 200 yards from the mosque that was the starting point for the Shiite procession. It caused a power outage that left the city center in darkness, complicating rescue efforts.

At the bomb site, investigators found what appeared to be two legs from a suicide attacker, police officer Raza Khan said.

This THING is far bigger than the invented nation of Iraq.
This THING has been going since the day Muhammad bought it
If it's not the basis for beheadings then it must be the basis for war, IEDs, car bombings. We weren't around when this started and we have no way to end it unless we kill them all.
Meantime they are just doing what they've done since Ali lost the political battle, and Husayn was slaughtered with his 80 acolytes.

Is this it? This all there is? This is all they have? This all they want?

Spending all their life's effort?

Religious war?


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Anonymous said...

The sign says "Only sons of the devil can disgrace the Holy Prophet".

Who is it that disgraces Mohammed? The radicalized Muslims, by their conduct.

John 8:44 "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it."

I realize the comment about killing them all is out of frustration, and not a sincere intention, but still, we shouldn't talk like that. If we begin to talk like that, we will soon be no better than these preachers of hate, and my Biblical quote, which I post here regarding them, their conduct and their sign, will apply to us.

It is not correct that they leave us no choice. In fact, the way they kill each other off proves that Islam will consume itself. In fact, I spent much of the day working on a post to that effect: The Fall of Islam, Phase II: The Soft Underbelly

Epaminondas said...

I am not advocating "killemall" as a means to stop a religious civil war of 14 centuries duration. That's none of my business. In fact 'c'est la vie' at worst. But they are all conflating us into the mess.

Frankly it's my belief that unless we can find the middle way of pressure and Iraq and Afghanistan type actions to be effective in the war on global islamism (and I don't believe we have the staying power), then attacks upon us will inevitably result in the 20 minute solution, HOWEVER, it is my judgment and observation that only some terrible number of american and/or western casualties and dead will be the cause.

That's the nature of democracies and republics. And NO AMOUNT of shouting and stomping that we can clearly see the result islamism coming will make any difference.

Anonymous said...


I think we don't really appreciate how the people who have been oppressed by radical Islam are tired of the oppression. Plus, due to their indoctrination of hatred, these folks are more of a threat to each other. Islam's borders are bloody, but so it Islam's innards. I wrote a (long) post The Fall of Islam, Phase II: The Soft Underbelly today addressing that.

Here's one: Iran might be vulnerable to a "charm offensive". Alot of Iranians are tired of the Mullahs with their foreign religion and foreign ideology.

Historically, you either pay them off or fight them off. Pay-off is a short-term solution, and only makes them greedier. Fight-off can back them off for a maximum of ten years according to Sharia (that's the maximum length of a cease-fire with the infidels), and that is only for the purpose of growing in strength to attack again.

Reality is these guys are dysfunctional, insecure bullies; and a dysfunctional, insecure bully is a coward at heart. That's why when they can't beat on a helpless dhimmi, they beat on their wives. Historically, when they see a powerful country getting ready to seriously kick some ass, the radical jihadis suddenly find justification in the Koran to back off.

By the way: I also wrote another piece about Al Qaeda's most recent threat (Al Qaeda's Latest Warning: Nukes or Schools, or "Calling All Dogs"?). Something bad might be coming.