Monday, January 29, 2007

How To Get Accomodation Of the Muslim Religion In The Public School System

And other fascinating facts from the Islamic website SoundVision.

They also have a page which claims that the United States is a "Virtual Internment Camp" for Muslims. That's right, living in the United States is so unbearable for Muslims that it is like living in an Internment Camp:

"Since the events of September 11, 2001, Muslims and brown-skinned people in this country are under siege. While many have in fact been picked up and jailed without any probable cause, the majority are living in virtual internment camps."


Anonymous said...

While we have some very legitimate concerns about many teachings of Islam, and how widely accepted those teachings are, let's not lose sight of the fact that these radicals aren't speaking on behalf of all Muslims. They have the decent people in the Muslim community intimidated and shouted down.

Remember that they are telling their "fellow" Muslims that if anyone leaves Islam, he will be killed, and if any Muslim doesn't agree with the radical position, he's as bad as someone who is trying to leave Islam. Keep in mind the radicals also have a reputation for excessive violence.

It's like having organized crime or a street gang in the neighborhood. As much as the people that live there want them to leave, they have to watch what they say publicly. The result is the appearance of widespread approval of what's going on.

Islam is a global neighborhood, and it has a great many gangsters, but let's keep faith with the decent people.

Always On Watch said...

A line from CAIR?

Anonymous said...

"The pity is that the ignorant hear and are convinced."

Nonie Darwish is an American who was born in Egypt. She recently released a book entitled Now They Call Me Infidel. In it, she addresses exactly that, how those who don't know any better are told that the Jews are trying to poison the Arab children with poisoned candy, how Israeli soldiers commit atrocities, etc.... The people hear this in their mosques, on their radios; those that can read see stories like this in the papers. Many of them just don't know, so they believe what they hear around them all the time from everyone.

People will stay in Hell for an eternity if they don't know there is anyplace else to go.

When these people discover that they are being lied to, the mullahs and sheikhs are really going to have their hands full.

Ms. Darwish's website is Arabs for Israel.

By the way, here's another link that's interesting: Muslims Against Terrorism and Extremism: Free Muslims Coalition

Pastorius said...

I link to Nonie Darwish's site at my personal site; CUANAS (Christians United Against the New Anti-Semitism). Thanks for the other link. I've heard of that group, but I hadn't seen their site.

By the way, can you refute the following statement?

There is no Muslim political organization, academic institution, media outlet, or government, of any appreciable size, anywhere in the world, which is moderate.

I'm afraid that if you can't you ought to consider the possibility that to give our fellow infidels the notion that there are such organizations is to give them straws to grasp at, when the time for grasping at straws has come to an end.

ziontruth said...

"Brown-skinned people."

Frame it all as racism, and you get a free pass from the PC Left for all the steps you take on the road toward establishment of shariah law.

Related: a spot-on piece on The American Thinker by Selwyn Duke:

The Offensiveness of Taking Offense
January 29, 2007

Pastorius said...

True Infidel,
LOL! I like your list.

Pastorius said...

I started becoming more radical after the 7/7 bombings. I have my reasons for that which I will not go into.

It may not have been apparent at first that my viewpoint had changed because I had to find a way to articulate what I was thinking. You can simply spew anger, but then you lack all credibilty. What I have settled on is a way of articulating that it is up to the decent muslims of the world to figure out how to give their viewpoints actual politcal representation, because at this point, they have none.

It is their fault. If they organized and funded political groups and made their voices heard in the media, then we Infidels would start to believe that a large group of them existed.

But, as they do not do this, we don't believe.