Saturday, January 27, 2007

Islam Is Mercy and Tolerance

To learn the story behind this heartbreaking picture go to Roncesvalles.


Anonymous said...

Just further examples of the peace and prosperity to expect from islam.

But as Kerry would attest, that's viewing it strictly from an American lens. Right?

G.M.B. Akash and his family out of harms way and give him the strength to continue exposing the futility, depravity and utter failure that is Muhammeds legacy.

Anonymous said...

You know, there are certain images that never leave you. This one has me thinking of my own sons at that age (what, 7? 8? 10 at most) - and how I am ever greatful that their childhood would NEVER be inflicted with this hateful, sickening despicable excuse for a belief system.
I pray that all chrildren yet to grow up will escape this horror and this system will have been shamed and destroyed into oblivion. Never - NEVER to raise it's ugly presence again.

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