Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Uh-Oh. Looks Like Somebody Jumped the Mahdi Gun

And this isn't even Ahmadhimmijerker's very own hand-picked 12th Imam yet. Iran state broadcasting publishes the entire text of the hoo-doo prophecy behind this, and the AP still doesn't pick up on it...

From Charles at LGF:

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Associated Press Mystified by 12th Imam Cult

Associated Press analyst Robert H. Reid is greatly mystified by the sudden appearance in Iraq of an apocalyptic cult devoted to bringing about the return of the so-called “12th Imam,” from a well where the little rascal’s been hiding for centuries: Analysis: Najaf battle raises questions.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Accounts of the bloody battle near Najaf have produced more questions than answers, raising doubts about Iraqi security forces’ performance and concern over tensions within the majority Shiite community.

Among the questions: How did a messianic Shiite cult, the “Soldiers of Heaven,” accumulate so many weapons and — if Iraqi accounts are accurate — display such military skills? Iraqi forces prevailed only after U.S. and British jets blasted the militants with rockets, machine gunfire and 500-pound bombs. Both U.S. and Iraqi reinforcements had to be sent to the fight.

It’s also unclear how a shadowy cult that few Iraqis had ever heard of managed to assemble such a force seemingly without attracting the attention of the authorities earlier. Iraqi officials say the cult planned to slaughter pilgrims and leading clerics at Shiite religious ceremonies Tuesday — only two days after police and soldiers moved to arrest them.

If the “Soldiers of Heaven” were able to accomplish all this, how many other fringe groups may be operating beneath the radar, especially in the politically factious Shiite community of southern Iraq? Did the cultists have links to other established insurgent or militia groups?

Such probing questions! This is, indeed, a head scratcher of the highest magnitude.

Of course, this heretofore-unknown apocalyptic cult just happens to believe the same things that the genocidal, raving president of Iran believes.

But I’m sure there’s no connection. Can’t be. Naah.

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Anonymous said...

How did they get the weapons? From the 500,000 AK-74's that are missing from US inventories in Iraq? Purchased with the millions of dollars raised by "peaceful,mainstream Muslims" in the UK, USA, and Europe?

Why don't we ask our Muslim representative to the [diabolical] United Nations. Maybe Ellison or Obamma have some answers.

Watch the [channel 4 UK] documentary "Undercover Mosque" again....and again, and again. Watch it until the message sinks in.

We are at war with the Ummah (World Islam). The Ummah declared war in the West...complete with official Fatwah's from the leaders of the New Caliphate.