Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Storm Track Appeasement: Rhode Island a CAIR Convert?

CAIR is at it again. Instead of helping project this county against terrorists who would harm Muslims and non-Muslims alike, they are proposing to tie the hands of law enforcement even further. The CAIR-promoted ERPA federal legislation would generally prevent police from inquiring about someone's immigration status or demanding documentation.

Now the legislative appeasers in Rhode Island are getting into the act.

PROVIDENCE -- Police would be prohibited from asking passengers of a car for identification after a traffic stop unless criminal activity is suspected, under an antiracial-profiling bill announced by state legislators yesterday. The bill also would require police to document in writing their grounds for searching a vehicle and would bar officers from asking about immigration status, except in certain circumstances. "This legislation is aimed at taking the bias out of traffic stops by creating standards for every officer in the state to follow," said Representative Joseph Almeida, a retired Providence police officer who is filing the bill along with Senator Rhoda Perry.

And here’s the proponents’ rational for the bill.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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Anonymous said...

The police need to act as rapidly as possible when dealing with Sudden Jihad Syndrome:

Any 'moderate' Muslim can flip into a Jihad-crazed mass-murderer almost in in an instant. Most SJS shaheeds will have no previous 'form' that would have brought them to the attention of the authorities.

Profiling is one of the most effective weapons in the struggle against terrorism. We may not know who there terrorists are, but we know who they aren't, so we needn't waste any time investigating the participants at Church of England garden parties in a PC display of even handedness.

Always On Watch said...

I left the following at your site too....

Well, I'm not surprised. The founder of Project Hope and Harmony, the organization which established the day-laborers center in Herndon, Virginia, has stated that the status of the workers should not matter.

Read about Mukit Hossain.


Any 'moderate' Muslim can flip into a Jihad-crazed mass-murderer almost in in an instant.

Off to read that link!