Friday, February 22, 2008

The utterly ridiculous Kosovo thing

This started as comment, and turned into a rant so....

If a gazillion so called national cultural identities (like the Flemish) want to manage their own existence, and want to dissolve the nations they exist in, which may or may not be real, or inventions of Talleyrand, Bismarck, Napoleon, Marcus Aurelius, or Englishmen and Frenchmen after WW1 the USA is NOT CAPABLE of stopping such a movement

All we can do is watch and learn.
The basques...who is to say they DON'T deserve a nation, or do? Scots? Picts? Vandals, anyone? Castilians, maybe? Say where did those Scythians go, anyway?

It's clear the endpoint of all this would be 5.1 square miles of the Netherlands vs 6.3 square miles of Flemland, ready to duke it out over an apple orchard owned by the catholic church vs a lutheran relative's ex-wife who converted for her marriage, yes? Ken Livingstone would probably end up as leader of one of the largest nations in Europe, unless of course, for instance the people in the 'Temple' and Mayfair want out of that repressive domain. Harrod's should be an international zone.

Is all that something we should divert ourselves from the muslim brotherhood about while CAIR goes after our ability to comment?

If the Serbs in North Kosovo are repressed because as part of serbia, the kosovars were attacked, because as part of the Ottoman empire the serbs were repressed because the Wallachians resisted for 150 years via unpleasant methods et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, (as the king said) and in the mix are murderers of both sides, some of whom were Nazis as well at some point, EFFEMALL. Let them all secede until every family has their own nation. Then they can figure it out.

The USA cannot stop it, unless we are willing ready and able to kill hundreds of thousands of the civilians who make up such a movement, and be the FORCE of repressing such a movement.

Is this american electorate (forget right or wrong) ready to do such a thing?

I thought we were 'hoping' for 'change'.

I will be thrilled if we don't throw away Iraq, and Afghanistan, and send Israel into the garbage pile to buy a few more years of Gray's Anatomy and Oprah in 'peace'.

If the Kosovars want to idolize the KLA and act the part by making themselves into a terrorist enabling warlord state... I would think one squadron of A-10's would fix that in 10 days. More still, it's one thing to yell 'viva la revolution' and hang Che's flag out there while you are 'repressed' or making a point, it's another, as Menachem Begin found out to try that as a state.

Today Kosovo exists SOLELY by the sufferance and protection of the US and NATO. If they want to become a sharia state of Ikwhan loonies who beat their wives, mutilate and kill their daughters for being born, and holding hands, and wink wink nod nod, enable the existence of Atta's of the future, they need neither our protection nor our sufferance, OR our quick, ill advised recognition. If we just walk away, the Serbs will just do their thing. The same thing europe has done for 2000 years PLUS.

What we don't need is a European reclamation project managed by Americans, because the Europeans can't and won't do it. Except in the same old way.

Isn't anyone else tired of this stupidity yet?

We have plenty of other things to think about. Like domestic produced energy (of any freaking kind) and crippling foreign currency reserves which may right now, this second, be hampering our national sovereignty, and our ability to do things which benefit us, and harm our enemies.

Is there anyone who thinks for an instant that China, Russia and the Arab Sovereign Wealth Funds do not exert an influence on American foreign and domestic policies of immense import?

Anyone think Hu Jintao hasn't said....'Gee, Georgie, I would hate to have to unload 20% of my nearly 2 trillion dollars for Euros and drive the dollar down by 25% and crap on your economy some (more) if you keep on dicking with Mahmoud. I mean I really don't want to, but.... we need that oil as well as you as customer, and btw, can't the Fed lower the interest rates some more so your stupid goddamn maxxed out people can buy some more and keep us all out of the crapper'?

Worry about that ..not Kosovo.

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Pastorius said...

"Is all that something we should divert ourselves from the muslim brotherhood about?"

Sure, the plight of indigenous people is very important, whether they be Flems, or Native Americans, or Palestinians.

You see, what makes a person "indigenous" is their birth, their blood. And, of course, that's so important. We all agreed on that when we started the United States of American, right? Blood trumps ideas.

Wait a minute, we didn't agree on that, did we?

As you say, Epa, "Eff 'em.

I'm with you on your passion.

This is a great "rant" post, Epa.