Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Muslims Demand University Schedule Classes Around Prayer Time

Muslims will ask for anything, won't they?

Here's my response: If I give you prayer time, while you're down on your knees, how about you suck my dick?


From the Australian via Up Pompeii:

In Australia the Muslims are "requesting that University lectures are scheduled around the times they have to pray, Muslims, as you know have to pray(prey) five times a day.

There is no thought here of the other students and their lives, oh no, just the Muslims. The selfishness of requests (demands) such as this is astounding. There is no good reason why all the other students should rearrange their lives because this group of people want to submit to allah five times a day.

The Muslim students also want separate areas for Female Muslim students to eat and relax, just the Muslim Female? Presumably the Muslim male will sit with the non Muslim females at such times, I wonder why?

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Always On Watch said...

Ask Mark Alexander how prayer times can be changed. A Muslim can play catch-up if accommodations aren't available.