Thursday, February 28, 2008

Islam's Spread in America

With a hat-tip to Sounder, who left this link to "The Rise of Islam in America" in a comment at Foehammer's Anvil:

Excerpt from the text at the above link:
There are between 6 and 7 million Muslims in America today. In other words, Muslims outnumber some Christian denominations and are equal to the number of Jews. Research done in the year 2000 by prominent American universities and Islamic foundations show that the number of Muslims is increasing rapidly and that Islam is growing stronger day by day.

The above graphic representation shows the rising numbers of mosques in America.
The main theme of this research, known as the Mosque Study Project, is the establishment of mosques in America. The reason for this is that mosques occupy a very special place in any statistical compilations done with regard to the American Muslim community. Mosques in America are both houses of worship and gathering places for talking with one another and launching cultural activities to make Islam more widely known. Every mosque establishes a relationship with the press to introduce Islam to a wider audience, speaks with local politicians, visits schools and churches, engages in interfaith dialogue and carries on other such activities. Thus, research done on these mosques is one of the most useful tools for gathering accurate and enlightening information on this community's state.

According to this research, America now has about 1,209 mosques, most of which were constructed very recently. Thirty percent of these mosques were built in the 1990s, and 32% were built in the 1980s. Other statistics show that in 1994, the total number of mosques in America was 962; in 2000, there was a 25% increase in this number.

These data show a natural parallel with the growing number of Muslims. For example, according to determinations made in 1994, the number of Muslims attending mosque services was 500,000; in 2000, this figure had increased to 2 million-an approximately 300% increase. A significant part of this number is composed of people who converted to Islam. The same research shows that about 30% of those worshippers are converts. According to these data, about 20,000 Americans accept Islam every year....
Much more at this link, including access to additional pages.


Anonymous said...

I assume one of the reasons the dramatic increase in the number of mosques being built between the 80's and 90's is the result of the Siege at Mecca, late in 1979.

On November 20, 1979, worldwide attention was focused on Tehran, where the Iranian hostage crisis was entering its third week. The same morning, hundreds og gunmen stunned the world by seizing Islam's holiest shrine, the Grand Mosque in Mecca. These men came from more than a dozen countries, launching the first operation of global jihad in modern times. With nearly 100,000 worshippers trapped inside the holy compound, Mecca's bloody siege lasted two weeks, causing hundreds of deaths.
Despite US assistance, the Saudi royal famly proved haplessly incapable of dislodgin the occupier. In Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini blamed the Great Satan-- the US-- for defiling the shrine, prompting mobs to storm and torch American embassies in Pakistan and Libya. The desperate Saudis finally enlisted the help of French commandos, who prepared the final assault and supplied poison gas that knocked out the insurgents.
This immensely consequential story was barely covered in the press, as Saudi Arabia imposed an information blackout and kept foreign correspondents away.

Author, Yaroslav Trofinmov penetrates this veil of silence in his book titled "The Siege of Mecca". Written with the pacing, detail, and suspense of a real-life thriller, Trofimov demonstrates that not just the Saudi ruling family, but the West, too, was caught completely off guard by Juhayman's seizure of the Grand Mosque and as a result, the Wahhabi clerics extracted a massive commitment of power and money from the House of Saud before they would issue a fatwa against the uprising. The continued funding of global dawa is a direct result of this commitment in exchange for control by the House of Saud.

Pastorius said...

One thing you have to give our government credit for is that we only get about 25% of our oil from the ME. We conduct our oil policy according to morality (contrary to what is popularly communicated in the media) being that we wouldn't buy oil from Hussein, and haven't bought oil from Iran since 1979.

It is likely we might have to stop buying oil from Venezuela as well.

America is a moral giant of a nation.

Anonymous said...

Pastorius - I can't understand why we give a fuck if some Islamonazis took Mecca. Let 'em have it. What am I missing?

The House of Saud almost lost control of Mecca - which may have lost them control over Saudi oil. To keep that power and control, the House of Saud continues to pay for the Wahab dawa wet dream. That price includes mosques, special interest groups like CAIR, MSA, ISA etc, political influence through the likes of Clark Clifford, Fred Dutton, Nick Rahall, John West, Crawford Cook, Ernest Hollings, James Akins, Raymond Close, Eugene Bird, Andrew Kilgore, Charles Freeman etc etc etc ad nauseum. Had the House of Saud failed to quell the seizure of Mecca, the state of global jihad would have been set back several years.
I am a firm believer in Hugh Fitzgerald's proposal to do everything humanly possible to weaken the camp of Islam. Anything we can do to encourage the normal strife between Islamic sects can only work to distract them from global jihad against infidel nations. Encouraging tribes to recognize the disparity of wealth between the House of Saud and the rest could encourage an uprising to control not just the oil but the tourist industry of mecca and medina.
As such instigations will interrupt the flow of crude to the west, it will also highlight the urgency of initiating and funding an emergency energy "Manhattan Project".
We are at war and it's damn time we began to behave as though we intend to win.

Pastorius said...

I agree. And, I think it ought to have been obvious a long, long time ago.

We were shortsighted thinking Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria were not going to bite us in the ass bigtime, eventually.

I understand the idea of a balance of powers in the ME, but when we are spinning plates, running back and forth, and trying to keep the poodles jumping through hoops of fire all at the same time, maybe it's time to start concerning ourselves with our dignity a bit. After all, they are nothing without us.

von Schlichtningen said...

Why is the West not making sure of the independence?

Let us construct a few hundred nuclear centrals and only use our own oil for cars until alternative means of propulsion can be implemented.

France already has 80% of its electricity produced in nuclear centrals.

Not only is nuclear safer than fossil fuels but it would also solve the Arabic problem.

Their oil would worth a lot less and we could ignore them as they deserve to be ignored.

The "war" could be won in 10 years...

Epaminondas said...

I am sorry to be COMPELLED to state this, but the train of links on this site leading back to racist sites such as the BNP is going to HURT us here, and hurt our cause.

The BNP and I intersect NOWHERE.
To them the muslims are just a part of what they consider OTHER.
I am most assuredly OTHER.

Every member is a tool, dupe or racist. In the end it can be no other way.

In the END it can be no other way.
As Yoda would say, 'DAVID DUKE they are'
Would we look kindly on links to his site?

I think all links and references to that site should be remove, PUBLICLY.

It makes a point.