Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Speaking Of Pigs...

As you enter the gate and walk on the flagstones leading to my front porch, you'll first notice a big planter. Every spring, I buy some annuals to fill the planter, which is at least years old and make of solid concrete. Talk about heavy! My aunt wanted to take the planter with her when she moved from this house, but the management at her apartment building said that it was too much weight for the balcony.

Last year, I chose purple petunias:

On the northeast side of the above antique planter sits a rain gauge, a Christmas gift from Claudia. Isn't he a cute little fellow?

Ever since 9/11, I've made sure that a flag is hanging from my front porch, except in the most inclement weather. I've had to replace the flag three times, and the present one is getting pretty battered now. The flag is probably the first thing one notices about my front porch.

This picture was taken in the fall of 2006:

Once you climb the few steps to the porch, you'll notice Mo and Osama, both enjoying a life of leisure next to the Adirondack chair which sits under my dressing-room window:

Turn right to enter the front door. Look who welcomes you!

Muslims aren't fond of visiting my front porch. LOL.

We infidels do need our lighter moments, any way we can get them.


von Schlichtningen said...

Always on Watch

Great. I love it.

Good you are not living in the UK.

Ray Boyd said...

it's like hanging garlic outside to deter vampires. Pigs deter Muslims!

Anonymous said...

For those interested in pig imagery as symbolic of the resistance, allow me to recommend the excellent Bosch Fawstin, creator of the anti-Islamist superhero Pigman, who can be found at or I've got one of his "Be the Pig" stickers riding my bumper. It's the one that looks like a combination sylized 9/11 twin towers memorial plus red-ribboned dollar sign. There are many much more explicitly anti-jihad ones as well.

Pastorius said...

I think you need to get yet another pig and name it, "OBAMA."

Not that he's a Muslim, or anything.
And, not that there would be anything wrong with that.