Sunday, February 24, 2008

When Is Mel Gibson Going To Make A Movie About The History Of Jihad?

Just thought I'd throw the meme out there.

Here's your assignment, Mel. We need a movie about Charles Martel or Jean Sobieski, or even the Crusades or Vlad Drakul, if you must.

You'd get to portray bloodthirsty, violent people. And, you'd get to indulge your passion for language.

C'mon, my friend. Someone needs to get the truth out there. You could be a hero.

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Anonymous said...

Forget Mel Gibson, even forget Speilberg . . .there is a movie on the horizon - from Poland! Even better, there are related theme parks and educational programs to re-educate the Poles about long lost history based on this story. WOW! What do we need to do to get a franchise in the US?
Here are details from the website about the novel and feature film -(much more at link)

"Victoria", a story of Jan Ill Sobieski's victory in the battle of Vienna, the day of true glory of European armies, achieved with a eroic help from His Majesty's secret agent.
A great clash betwen Western world and Islam in the struggle for much more than the lands of the Habsburgs.
"Victoria's" obvioius audience are nations of Central Europe. However, through balanced, fictionalized treatment of history and emotional engagement of German-speaking nations as well as a very topical depictgion of political problems of present-day Europe, the film will find a wide audience on the whole Continent. The attractiveness of the plot to the USA audience is a separate issue. Here the storyline boldly and provocatively proposes a thesis that will not go unnoticed in this region of the world.
Neverless, the fictional content does not blur the historical facts. the Ottoman Empire has its englightened and radical representatives. The Christian world, torn by the egoism of its leaders, listens intently to the voice of the church. Pope Innocent XI and his envoy father Marco d'Aviano not only successfully counter physical and political threat to Europe but also prevent the loss of the achievements of European civilization.
The style in which the events are described, resembling that of Sienkiewicz, which does not shun the fast pace of action, themes and characters attractive to a wide audience, serious elements but also pleasant entertainment, all make "Victoria" a potential box-office film in Europe and maybe in the world as well.