Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There's A Crack Appearing

There's a crack appearing in the Iranian regime albeit a small one but it's a start. Students have been rioting recently and have been voicing protests against the regime.

Ordinary people in the street have been also protesting against the Religious Police who have been arresting women for not dressing in the Islamic way:

A video has emerged which shows crowds rioting against the Iranian regime. Here it is:

The riot broke out in Tehran on the weekend when the Iranian Chastity Police attempted to arrest a young woman they said was inappropriately dressed.Witnesses say the young woman resisted arrest, which caused the police to push and beat her.

The sight of the woman being beaten prompted a bystander to come to her aid, but he was also roughed-up by the security forces.

Dozens of Iranians who were present at the scene began rioting and setting rubbish on fire.

The riot was captured on numerous cell-phone cameras and shows people shouting slogans against the police and government.

The crowed reportedly called out against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Efforts by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Chastity Police to enforce the Islamic dress code on Iranian women has caused thousands of women to be detained for failing to uphold the dress code.

There's some interesting comments from Iranians:

Watch the video on YouTube.
Crowds are chanting it. It means in Farsi WE DO NOT WANT AN ISLAMIC REPUBLIC. The game is up boys!


It is the start of a revolution that will wipe out Islam from our beloved Iranian homeland
I have seen the video and i believe it is authentic. We Iranians hate this non-iranian religion (aka Islam) that we never wanted and was forced to us by occupying Arabs in 7th century. Iranians want their country back from terrorists and they will succeed with no doubt.


As an iranian woman...
As an iranian woman living under islamic stupidity i want no islam in my neighborhood. Those who impose “islamic dress code” on me, never asked me if i want to be a Muslim or not. I don’t want this violent religion, as 99% of Iranians. Only Ahmedinejad a few other idiots want it.


Anonymous said...

The main event could commence when "Fitna" finally airs next week. Any chance for some solid counter-demonstrations? Time is running short, Ahmadhimmijerker joke intended...

Anonymous said...

A scuffle like this means nothing. How quick you all forget all the major unrests that came to nought. The mullahs are still in charge.