Monday, February 18, 2008

Why K-State Is a Free Speech Red Zone

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has given Kansas State University a free speech rating of "Red" mainly for the policies and antics of the school paper the Collegian. This morning I attempted to post a response to an article titled "Global Women: Feminist Should Reach Beyond the U.S." The main point of this drivel is that the practice of women in the West wearing make-up is part and parcel to Western/American Patriarchy and oppression of women, yada...yada...yada.... Nowhere is mentioned the real oppression of women at the hands of Islam. While Ayaan Hirsi Ali lives in fear for her life, the hypocrites at the Collegian attack the very culture that provided Ali with freedom, education, and opportunity. You can rest assured that the gutless wonders who run the Collegian have nothing to say about Ali having to live in fear from death threats from Jihadists in the West.

This is because the Collegian has a policy of not allowing any criticism of the Religion of Peace to grace its pages. My comments to the above mentioned article were in reference to the real (not made up) oppression women endure under Islam. I noted for the intellectually dishonest trolls of the Collegian that they don't have to go far for examples of this. Since moving to Manhattan I have noticed several women wearing the head-to-toe veils that are representative of a complete absence of basic rights and (genuine) oppression right here in Kansas. While the cowards at the Collegian rant about the evils of make-up, they ignore this symbol and method of female subservience. To do otherwise would require of these manques the ability to generate an independent thought and to jettison the multicultural dogma that has been drummed into their skulls.

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Update: It took them a while, but the Collegian has posted my comments.

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