Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's not easy to defy description, but Norman Finkelstein achives that status with EASE


"I Am Going to Honor the Hizbullah; They Show Courage, And They Show Discipline, I Respect That"


"But who didn't support the Soviet Union when they defeated the Nazis? Who didn't support the Red Army? In all the countries of Europe which were occupied - who gets all the honors?

"The resistance. The Communist resistance - it was brutal, it was ruthless. The Communists were not... It wasn't a bed of roses, but you respect them. You respect them because they resisted the foreign occupiers of their country. If I am going to honor the Communists during World War II, even though I probably would not have done very well under their regimes... If I'm going to honor them, I am going to honor the Hizbullah. They show courage, and they show discipline. I respect that."

Interviewer: "That is an accurate description of the situation before 2000, but after 2000, the Israelis withdrew from South Lebanon. There was a rift within Lebanon between the Lebanese political players on the issue of the future of the weapons and the issue of the resistance. This rift, which has taken place... You are now taking sides. After all, you are saying that you are only visiting Lebanon, but you don't see the ramification of the July war for the people."

"There is No Way that the United States and Israel are Going to Tolerate Any Resistance in the Arab World... How Can I Not Respect Those Who Say No to That?"

Child of Holocaust survivors, accuser of jews as inventing an economic motive for taking advantage of the holocaust ...Normal Finkelstein, an embarrassment not to jews, but to all humans have achieved since we left the cave.


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