Thursday, February 21, 2008

Modern Hitler Reveals Himself Yet Again - World Snores

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has, once again, made it clear that he hates Jews, calling the Jewish state of Israel a "filthy bacteria ... which is lashing out at the nations in the region like a wild beast,”

The world said, "Never Again," after Hitler's Holocaust killed 6 million Jews. But, how many Christian churches will stand up and call for this man to be removed from office?

The Iranian people voted Ahmadinejad into office. He speaks for them.

In a world where people actually respected justice, instead of just giving it lip service, the Iranian people themselves would be held responsible for their government.

It will be a crime against humanity if we wait until the Iranian President carries out the intent which his words reveal before we actually do something. We are responsible to do something before his words become death.

Truth is, his words already are death incarnate. The Jew-hatred he foments is the inspiration of suicide bombings and terror attacks around the world.

We must take whatever steps are necessary to end Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.


Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad is not Hitler - thank god, a modern Hitler has not emerged yet!! When one will emerge, it will not be pretty. But, Ahmadinejad and his weak country are not the modern Hitler and Third Reich! Why?

1. Ahmadinejad is not even the leader of the Republic of Iran - that is Ali Khamenei. The Republic really is a monarchy and Khamenei is the Shah as he is unelected and has power for life.

2. The Republic of Iran (ROI) is all talk but not high on action when it comes to its supposedly anti-West/anti-Israel remarks. ROI has been saying this since 1979 and nothing changed.

3. ROI is a nasty little dictatorship without the support of its population and is similar domestically to Nazi Germany in that way. Unlike with the Nazis, the ROI has only attacked domestic opponents and has not invaded another nation.

4. If the West thought that ROI was as grave a threat as Nazi Germany, it would have been erradicated long ago. ROI is in existance since ... 1979!! Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic and Mullah Omar/Osama bin Laden must surely have been considered to be much more dangerous!

5. And yes Ahmadinejad is nothing special - all the other presidents as well as the unelected leaders of the country have been saying similar things for 31 years now! Including the "moderates" like Mohsen Rezaei, Mohammed Khatami, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Hashemi Rafsanjani!

5. All these words against Israel and the West to me are all a marriage of convenience for strange bedfellows. The West, for one, can point to ROI as a threat (lest not we forget that it was the West who allowed an "Islam"-dominated ROI to come about instead of a communist ROI) to justify arms spending even though they don't have a notion of ever attacking ROI. ROI can use these statements to try and divert Iranian people's anti-government stance to say that the problems of unemployment, inflation and poverty in the country are caused by the West.

Anonymous said...

So, overall, Ahmadinejad, Khamenei and his ROI are more akin to Pinochet's Republic of Chile or Suharto's Republic of Indonesia than they are like Hitler. Though not really a communist nation, ROI adopts a foreign policy more akin to China with a touch of USSR ego and prefers to drive hard bargains so it can be seen as a power. ROI does not have expansionist tendancies like Hitler had. For a poor man's modern day Hitler, one could look instead at Saddam Hussein. BUT, poor man's being the operative word. Yes, he invaded Kuwait and, ahem, ROI!! He also nearly invaded the country that ROI replaced - the Kingdom of Iran. But Saddam was smalltime - a threat to his neighbours but by 2000 contained he was not threat to the world when he was in power (in fact, his removal from power killed off the world economy and could indeed hasten the coming of a true modern Hitler).

The real modern Hitler will have to be 5 things:

1. Emerge as total leader in a powerful country with nuclear weapons. Iran ain't that and Ahmadinejad ain't total leader.

2. Be strong, charismatic and decisive. Ahmadinejad is weak, dull and indecisive.

3. Invade his neighbours and exterminate races he doesn't like. Ahmadinejad is in power for 5 years, and ROI itself for 31 and none of this has happened.

4. Ignite a true global war and not just a regional one. Be not afraid to use WMD. This has not happened. If Iran developed WMD, they - like North Korea - would use it for a deterrent and to drive bargains. This regime is going on its 31 years in power not self destructive and knows how to survive. Like the Chinese, not the Nazis.

5. Ermege and consolidate power in a country which is not obvious as a threat. Candidates could include: USA, France, UK, Russia, China, the EU. A regime change would come first followed by a fascist government. We see far right and far left movements taking hold in many countries. All eyes are now on militant "Islam", a nasty terrorist threat but not powerful enough or not having a country of its own to launch world war 3. The fascist threat will come from instead developed countries and will first target "Islamic" militants and win support in countries like France. Then, it will cause fear and panic for everyone else and take hold. This economic crisis caused by bad bank and war policies if not resolved could catapult the West into fascist or radical far leftwing governance. The 1930s depression and Germany's war destroyed economy is what brought Hitler into existance.