Friday, February 22, 2008

Now that's a relief: Hollywood finally shows some guts

Some may have heard about the row Hasbro caused after they decided to stop including Israel next to Jerusalem on their list for the Monopoly world vote contest. I suppose the good news on that they decided to take all country names off the list as well following the Jewish community backlash, thus making it easier to keep voting. If you vote, do your best to ensure that Jerusalem will be able to gain a top spot on the leaderboard!

Now, there's some definite good news that came out, and it's that Dennis Quaid's new movie, Vantage Point, does portray the terrorists it features as Islamic, and thus properly reflecting the times. More on this from Debbie Schlussel (Hat tip: Hot Air).

Now maybe with this, we'll slowly start to see some guts being shown. You know where I'd really like to see some guts to deal with this, though? In the world of comic books, in just about any DC/Marvel book, and also in some independents. Maybe they'll start considering it as a way to draw audience?

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