Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: We Are Already Living as Dhimmis

Europe is willingly on the path to dhimmitude but America is not far behind for we are already living the Three Laws of Islam.

The First Law of Islam: Thou Shalt Not Criticize Islam.

The laws beyond that will follow. Since this special status of Islam leaves all other religions unprotected, Islam already has a superior status to other religions while other religions have an inferior status to Islam. With the first law in place, WE ARE ALL ALREADY DHIMMIS.

The Second Law of Islam: Islam is Superior to All Other Beliefs

Islam may be propagandized in schools while Judaism or Christianity may not. Muslims may pray in schools, members of other religions may not. Muslim holy books are treated as holy, while the holy books of other religions are treated as myth. The violence of other religions is condemned, while the violence of Islam is covered up. This leads us to Islam's second law, Islam Is Superior To All Other Beliefs. By giving exclusive status to Islam, we have already implemented this as well.

The Third Law of Islam: You Will Obey Us

By giving in to Islamic rage, we have already set the pattern of functioning as Dhimmis, of responding to Muslim tantrums with appeasement. The pattern continues from there with Muslims in public life enforcing their religious laws on everyone else. Muslim taxi drivers are already doing this by refusing to carry passengers who carry alcohol, seeing eye dogs for the blind and Muslim cashiers are refusing to handle pork.

Think about these laws next time you hear that a Muslim is oppressed, CAIR complain and the ACLU defend those that will bring down our culture.

Here’s another reason why we are already on the road to dhimmitude unless we wake up in this country.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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