Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beware The Cuckoo In The Nest

I was curious about Kosovo declaring independence with the support of the USA and the UK and thought I would learn more:

Kosovo was a medieval Christian Serbian state until the middle ages. many churches and monasteries were built in the period. The enevitable encroachment of Islam reared it’s ugly head and Kosovo was conquered by the Ottomans in 1455.

Over the coming centuries control of Kosovo was passed between Muslim Albanians and Christian Serbs on a regular basis. At the beginning of the 20th century the Serbian reconquest of Kosovo was described as retribution for the 1389 Battle of Kosovo.

As a result of the World War II Axis invasion of 1941 the greatest part of Kosovo became a part of Italian-controlled Fascist Albania, and smaller bits by the Tsardom of Bulgaria and Nazi German-occupied Kingdom of Serbia.

During the fascist occupation of Kosovo by Albanians, until August 1941 alone, over 10,000 Serbs were killed and between 80,000 and 100,000 Serbs were expelled, while roughly the same number of Albanians from Albania were brought to settle in these Serbian lands.

Islam is now the predominant religion, professed by most of the majority ethnic Albanian population, the Bosniak, Gorani, and Turkish communities, and some of the Roma/Ashkali/Egyptian community, although religion is not a significant factor in public life.

Not until now. There won't be a long wait to see a sharia state.

Religious rhetoric was largely absent from public discourse in Muslim communities, mosque attendance was low, and public displays of conservative Islamic dress and culture were minimal.

Having looked at the history it clearly follows a familiar pattern. Originally a Christian country, conquered by the ever expanding Islamic “Religion of Peace”, legitimately re-conquered by the Christian Serbs and then conquered again by the mass immigration of Albanians. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

It gets worse. The ethnic Albanians having moved to Kosovo, presumably for a better life, then demanded the country as their own. When the Christian Serbs objected NATO bombed them into submission. Now the interlopers have their way, independence from Serbia.

It follows therefore that when the two to three million Muslims who have moved to England for a better life decide that they want their own sharia law state, will NATO also bomb us into submission if we object?

The clear moral of this story is that Islam cannot co-exist peacefully alongside any other culture. There is no example in the world that I can think of where they do. It is deliberate on the part of Muslims to create conflict and tension wherever they are, whenever they are immigrants.

I can understand why the Serbs are angry at the surrender of their country to Islam after many centuries of history. The Serbs admittedly committed atrocities against the Kosovans in the 1990’s and NATO bombed them in order to protect them.

However, we do need to remember that the Albanian Kosovans were waging war against the Serbs at the time and committing equally atrocious violence against the Serb population in what was a classic Muslim tactic of stirring up resentment in the Kuffar population.

Where next? Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands? Capitulation in Kosovo has created a dangerous precedent wherever there are Muslim cuckoos in the nest.

Cuckoos are lazy, parasite birds that live off the proceeds of others. That sounds familiar.

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Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

For me as a Greek Orthodox Christian, what has happened to Kosovo is a terrible loss, not only to my brother Orthodox Serbs, but to the world. Yet, it was expected. The Western "powers" beginning with the popes of Rome, and down to the latest NATO aggression, have fought against and forcibly tried to assimilate the lands and peoples of Orthodoxy. Even Russia, the only large Orthodox country left, had to bow to their demands. Serbia as usual has been demonised by the world press, the Albanians lionised. This is all consistent with what Jesus Christ said, "They hated me for no reason, and if they hated me, they will hate you too, if they called me a devil, so they will call you." I'm not now trying to emotionalise and lionise the Orthodox as if they were the only followers of Jesus. Admittedly, atrocities have always been committed by people on all sides. But if an impartial observer compares the histories of the Orthodox East and the Catholic-Protestant West, it's not hard to see which has been the more imperialistic and aggressive. Why does the West always want to put down the East? "Byzantine" means devious or hopelessly convoluted, in common parlance. Is it not surprising, then, that the West is now on the brink of disaster for abandoning their Christian roots? This is not even at the level of a political or sociological question. This self-betrayal is more basic, abandoning the foundation which gives the West the freedom to think and the power to act on what is right. Yes, more than the tragedy of Kosovo is coming towards us, something far worse than the Nazis, Fascists and Communists rolled into one. This was predicted by the Greek church fathers centuries ago. The enemy is, when all is said and done, Islam, the slayer of the soul.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Romanos. I am an Anglican who is deeply ashamed of my country's actions in Kosovo and of the treason of the Arch Dhimmi of Canterbury.

Britain and Europe's problems are ultimately spiritual. Here's a brilliant dignosis of the spiritual nature of the malaise and why we must move from cultural defence to cultural attack. And why we must educate our children and re-educate ourselves in our national spiritual heritage, including our dreams and mythology - The Vision of Albion, not the prospect of Britainistan.

"Reclaiming a Civilization's Dreams to Save its Soul
The surest way to destroy a people is to kill their dreams because when you destroy a people's dreams, you also destroy their sense of self-worth, their ambitions, their principles and their goals. Men and women are not animals that need nothing but survival and creature comforts, yet the surest way to destroy a people's soul is to reduce them to just that, to gluttons chasing after creature comforts and finally rats living in the walls of their own society struggling to stay quiet and survive. [COMMENT this sums up Gordon Brown's vision of Britainistan]

If you think this imagery is farfetched, consider that it is already a reality. Where nations like America, Europe and Israel once lived by dreams of the greatness they could achieve and went out and achieved it, today they walk the edges of their own shrinking frontiers trying to understand how to justify their existence to their own people.

....The Archbishop of Canterbury accepts the inevitability of Islamic law in Britain. American pundits wonder whether America has a right to exist and puts forward three candidates who think it does not even have a right to control its own borders. Canada persecutes critics of Islam while protecting Islamic terrorists and Israel dithers in the face of Islamic terrorism from Gaza, the very territory it forcibly ethnically cleansed Jews from in order to make room for the terrorists. All across the oceans and the seas, the oasis' of civilization are faltering as their peoples bow their heads in apathy and confusion to the knife.

How did it get this way? Part of the answer is that when their dreams died, these nations dried up and became husks without the lifegiving virtue of faith in their own destinies......

The human spirit by its very nature must expand or contract, seek out new horizons and broader destinies or wither and shrivel up. But there are no frontiers left and on all sides the frontiers of civilization shrink in the face of a great southern tide of immigration. The rear guard action being fought by anti-immigration and anti-Jihad activists are not nearly enough because they can never hope to rouse these nations without reviving their spirits without restoring their dreams.

How do you restore a nation's dreams? It isn't enough to shout about perils and warn about invasions, such things do not move a people that has learned to be apathetic, to grasp after a handful of material comforts and hold its place in the great bureaucratic queue that is the new placeholder of civilized societies, that great endless line at which paltry social benefits are distributed and taxes are collected. And this is why conservatives who fail to articulate a national vision all too often flail about when trying to connect with voters.

To revive a nation you must give it something to believe in, something to strive for and something to truly fight for beyond survival. If you can rally a people to believe in itself again then the threat of rogue barbarians quickly becomes something petty and paltry to be brushed off. If you do not, then building tall walls and isolating yourself only walls in the rot and the declining birth rates and culture will take care of the rest, as Japan is amply demonstrating for us.

What then are these dreams that a nation must dream to truly live? There will be different opinions on this matter, but they are in the doing of great deeds, in the bending of frontiers and the transcendence of merely human limitations. Only in the shadow of heroes and great men can a civilization flourish and only a people that truly believes in its own greatness can be happy and free....

Tens of millions of young people across the world hunger for a dream and instead find only apathy and cynicism. They reach for fraudulent mockups of the real thing, for politicians who offer hopeful rhetoric and the set dressings of optimism and destiny but no true vision. When those shams stand revealed and all their allure is stripped away by betrayal and disappointment, apathy and cynicism rule in the ruined houses of their minds and spirits. They learn to distrust everything, to display contempt for their country, to believe any snide remark about their own civilization and beliefs and embrace it, thereby triumphing over the pain of their betrayal. Yet within them they still carry the flickering embers of a betrayed faith, one that now becomes displaced onto terrorists and killers.

Saving our civilizations will take more than winning an argument or ringing the warning bell, it will mean restoring a dream and raising it high so that there stands a clear choice between the appeasers and the defeatists of the status quo and those who strive to see the nation rebuilt in all its glory. Let the dream fly on the wind.

Read the full article at http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2008/02/reclaiming-civilizations-dreams-to-save.html

Anonymous said...

Romanos, please check the comments on this page for what the ordinary British people think of their government's betrayal of Kosovo:


Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

The President caved in when he called Islam a religion of peace. Why did he do this? Was he hoping to prevent a premature outbreak of jihad on the American continent? Was it anything more than just playing politics? It seems it was, just as he is playing politics and is prepared to sell out the English national character of the Union by welcoming in and encouraging Mexicans to immigrate and continue using Spanish as their primary tongue. Canada has already been lost by foolish, indeed traitorous, betrayal of the English civilisation in their country, and is now a Canuckistan.

(I am an American, but I have lived and worked in Canada on three separate occasions, 1972-75, 1987-88 and 1994-95. Each time I lived there, I noticed how changed Canada was, becoming almost a coast-to-coast Singapore. We returned to the States in 1988 because our oldest son found that classroom discussions in his high school classes were rendered impossible in most cases, because the majority of students could not converse in English! We returned to Portland, Oregon, where he attended the best high school in the city, went on to a private college earning a B.A. in English, and then continued at the Greek Orthodox Theological School in Boston, Massachusetts, earning a M. Div. — Had we remained in Canada, he’d no doubt be a disgruntled high school teacher in some Asian-crowded borough in Vancouver, B.C.)

As an Orthodox, I also am ashamed at the reckless and treasonable pronouncements of the patriarch of Constantinople, Patriarch Bart as we affectionately call him. Not only is he in bed with the Roman pope Benny, but he’s sold out to the “Green” ecology cultists and portrays himself as “the Green patriarch.” He sweet talks and accomodates the Muslims because he’s afraid of financial martyrdom. The Turkish government is constantly trying to seize more and more church properties in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey. But they’re just playing a “cat and mouse” game with him, just as he’s playing it with the pope and with us, his American and Oceanic flock (Aussies and NZlanders belong to his jurisdiction as well). Besides doing these kinds of things, he persecutes the monks of Esphigmenou Monastery on Mount Athos (the true center of Orthodox Christianity) and many of them have already died because of his embargo against them, no food, no drugs or medical supplies. The Greek government obeys him, and they’re enforcing the embargo. What’s the crime of these old men? They say the patriarch is a false ecumenist, betraying Orthodoxy and surrendering to the pope. It doesn’t matter that this charge is probably true. So, my Anglican brother, you are not alone in having as your “visible head” an ecclesiastical turnip-head. For us Orthodox, we at least have the traditional teaching that “the faith is guaranteed by the people, not by the leaders.” For us that means, if the leaders go astray, we just don’t pay them any heed, and they die. Then, we elect someone who understands what the true faith is, and helps us maintain it.

Epaminondas said...

I wish we had simply NOT RECOGNIZED this state so immediately.

They have a lot to prove.

It is one thing to admit the historic fact of the repression and maltreatement of Kosovars as REVENGE for earlier maltreatment of christians in southeastern europe by the Ottomans.

It is another to recognize and ADVOCATE the existence of a state which owes a lot (1998-99) to the KLA. This nascent state must PROVE they can proactively denigrate the entire idea of a jihadistan, and jail and KILL jihadis and do so as a muslim democratic state.

Anything else, any other course, and down they go. Never to rise again.

If they can do the above they DESERVE the identity they have. If they don't, they cannot be a state.